Strike by Teachers Continues in Palmerton Area School District

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PALMERTON -- It's been nearly two weeks and teachers in the Palmerton Area School District are still on the picket lines.

There seems to be no end in sight to their contract dispute.

The strike was only supposed to last ten days, but we now know it could go into the end of the month.

Picketers tell Newswatch 16 they had a meeting with school board Wednesday evening but weren't pleased with the offer, so the striking teachers are continuing their protest looking for higher pay.

With signs in hand, more than two dozen picketed outside of the Palmerton Area School District. Teachers are striking for higher pay and the same co-pay in their health care.

Amy Morgan is a teacher and has children who go to school in Palmerton. She tells Newswatch 16 the latest offer wasn't enough.

"Disrespected that they really don't respect what we do or understand what we do and the community support for most people has been great," Morgan said.

In the picket lines were friends and former students of Palmerton Area.

Ben Winn graduated from Palmerton high in 2014. Seeing former teachers really hits home.

"I know these teachers and they are very much my friends," Winn said. "They supported me, they help me grow tremendously as a person, so I see it as not just showing my support and solidarity for workers rights but also my friends."

"We want to give it to the people that put their time in. They deserve that money coming up through the salary schedule like we did. It's the fair way to do things according to us," said Tom Smelas, Palmerton Area Education Association.

Teachers are hoping an agreement is reached soon so they can get back to their students.

"I would hope they would want to sit down even daily to work on a settlement because I am ready to go back and so are my children," Morgan said.

The school district did not respond to our attempts to get any comment on the strike.

Whether or not an agreement is reached, the strike will end on January 25 with students returning to school the next day.


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  • I Am The Antipope.

    Teachers should not be making more than the average wage of the citizens in the district they work in.

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