Williamsport Weis to Close Next Month

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Weis Markets has decided to close one of its grocery stores in Lycoming County next month. The store in Williamsport has been open for decades.

The closing comes as a surprise to many of its shoppers.

It's hard for Latanya Baines to leave the Weis Markets in Williamsport empty handed. On her most recent trip, Baines noticed some of the shelves seemed bare.

"What they are doing now is condensing down the shelves, you know what I am saying, for whatever is left," said Baines.

After several decades, Weis Markets will close its store on West Third Street for good next month.

The company, which has several other locations in Lycoming County, said in a statement:

“The Weis on West Third Street is a smaller, older location that is virtually impossible to expand and upgrade to a point where it could offer the amenities and services we offer in our other area stores."

"This is hard. It hurts. I like this store. My cousin works here, my cousin’s boyfriend," said Jasmine Marshall.

As for the 50 full- or part-time employees who work at the Weis in Williamsport, Weis has offered those staff members positions at other locations in central Pennsylvania.

"Kind of upset because there are not that many supermarkets out here,” said Henry Jones.

If shoppers want to continue buying at a Weis Market, they will have to head to Loyalsock Township. Another Weis grocery store is just down the road, a few miles away on River Avenue.

"Since they are closing down, getting to other stores if you don't drive, you might have to take a cab or a bus," said Baines.

"This is the business. This is the spot," said Monica Chavies.

Like many in Williamsport, Monica Chavies walks to the grocery store. It's a convenience she's not ready to give up.

"Hopefully they open up something just like this or even better and friendlier people in this world," said Chavies.

There are two Weis Markets within about 10 minutes from the store in Williamsport. The closest grocery store, Wegmans, is about two blocks away.

There is no word on what will happen to this building once Weis closes next month on February 25.


  • Jim

    I hope they build a Sheetz there. Downtown badly needs a gas station. The immediate area/residents aren’t that bad, admittedly, it did not attract the greatest people, which is why I never went there.

  • Someguy111

    The main reason is the constant theft, the store has been operating at a razor thin profit because of it for a long time. The final straw is the increase in property taxes that was just passed, with that being added in there is only a loss in keeping it open.

    The store on Lycoming Creek Road looks like it’s already preparing for the trash influx, at the front of the store next to door to office is a cabinet now holding baby formula. It recently appeared a few weeks ago.

  • WilliamsportNative

    Only problem is Wegmans will get over run with delinquents. They better just hire a security guard now and be ready for when Weis does close. Good luck with that.

    • DERP

      Wegmans has asset protection/ security in all their stores. In fact, they probably have more than usual in that store.

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