USC Defeats Penn State in Dramatic Finish

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PASADENA — The USC Trojans have won the 103rd Rose Bowl, defeating the Penn State Nittany Lions by a score of 52-49 in a down-to-the-wire game.

This was the third Rose Bowl match-up between the Nittany Lions and the Trojans.

The last time the two teams met in the Rose Bowl was in 2009.

The 2016 campaign to the Rose Bowl was a Cinderella season for Penn State. The team began the season 2-2 and many fans were not anticipating a successful season.

Penn State finished the regular season 10-2, capping off the year with a Big Ten Championship title.

This is the 25th Rose Bowl win for USC.

For more, check out the rest of WNEP’s Rose Bowl coverage.


    • Steve Hawking

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  • magicmikexxsm

    Have to laugh , John Myer said in his live report from USC that the fan base was about 50/50.
    Really John did you see the sea of Red about 3/4 of the way around the stadium.

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