Renovations Underway at Moosic Police Department Thanks to College Student’s Suggestion

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MOOSIC -- If you ask just about anyone who sets foot in the Moosic Police Department, they'll tell you renovations are long overdue.

"It was in rough shape," said Moosic Mayor Jimmy Segilia.

"It was deplorable," added Patrolman Jason Jarecki. "It was a disaster. It was a mess."

For the past several days, officers with the department are sprucing up the department, on their off-days and with their own time, labor, and even money.

It's all because of a 20-year-old college student.

Ariel Votano was doing a paper for Luzerne County Community College and shadowed officers at the Moosic Police Department for about a week.

"The question of the paper was what are police needs from society to be better officers and to function better," Votano explained. "I looked around this place and said they need a better building."

That's when Votano decided to start a fundraiser to help improve the little things like a fresh coat of paint, and supplies to keep the place looking clean.

"All I wanted to do was make it look nicer," she added. "A little bit of makeup on an old lady's face. I guess they're just giving her a whole facelift!"

The Moosic Police Department is now putting in new floors and better configuring the building.

"Instead of just a paint job, let's make it into a police department," said Segilia.

The police department moved into an old veterinary clinic about 15 years ago. The original flooring is still there and as many people are quick to point out, the layout still feels more like a vet clinic than it does a police station.

"It's tough because it's not built to be a police station," Jarecki added. "This day and age, in our town, our busy town, we need to have stuff and it to be functional. A vet station isn't functional as a police department, so we're making it now so it's going to work."

Chief of Police Charles Maurer tells Newswatch 16 he hopes renovations are complete by the end of February.

"They're going to add 10-15 years onto this building, and it will be set up the way safety-wise and a better working environment for the police department itself," said Mayor Segilia.

If you're looking to donate for renovations at Moosic Police, call Ariel Votano at 570-702-2595 or stop by the Moosic Police Department at 606 River Street in Moosic.

There will be a fundraiser with Colarusso's on January 21 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. as well.




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