Vehicle Vandals Cause Damage in the Poconos

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TOBYHANNA --Commuters returning home in the Poconos after work in New York City Tuesday evening got a shocking welcome home.

Many found their vehicles had been badly vandalized!

The damage was done in a Martz commuter lot in Tobyhanna sometime Tuesday morning.

After a long day at work in the Big Apple, this was the last thing these commuters wanted to see when returning back to their cars here in Tobyhanna.

Several vehicles had multiple windows smashed out and their tires slashed.

“Why would you do this, like what is the reason for this, if you're not going to steal anything?” asked Renae Simangan. “Why break the windows to all these cars, why slash the tires, like am I going to chase you or something?”

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are investigating numerous reports of vehicles being vandalized in the parking lot of the Carriage Square Shopping Center sometime in the overnight hours.

One part of the lot is reserved for Martz commuters.

Many said they parked their cars between three and four Tuesday morning before boarding the bus to go to work in New York City.

“I can't really be mad, though because what's that going to do? It's not going to fix my windows, so I just got to deal with it I guess,” said Robinson Barona.

Others weren't so forgiving, they say Martz should be providing more security.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” said Shara Villagran. “They don't have any cameras here and I spoke to Martz and I told them, we don't park here for free, you should do something about it and put cameras.”

Newswatch 16 did contact Martz and left a message since it was after business hours.

It doesn't appear anything was stolen from the cars but owners say that doesn't make them feel any better.

“How am I going to feel safe to park my car here again?” said Villiagran. “Because this is not the first time this has happened.”

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are asking if anyone saw anything in the Carriage Square Shopping Center parking lot to give them a call.