Skiers Embrace Warm Weather on Slopes

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Yoqubi Mehrobjoni from Brooklyn, New York believes life can't get much better than 50 degrees and a day on the slopes. Mehrobjoni spent his day off at Camelback Mountain Resort near Tannersville.

"Just came here to have fun! The weather is beautiful."

Even though it is unseasonably warm, it's actually great skiing and snow tubing weather. Managers at Cambelback Mountain told Newswatch 16 once the temperatures drop again, the snow guns will go back on.

Marketing Manager Dru Brooks says the resort was almost at capacity.

Over the holiday weekend, and despite the warm temperatures, there haven't been too many issues getting slopes covered.

"It's been warm, but right now we have a really good base, so it's kind of like spring conditions right now. The snow is soft, great for tracking in, it's a beautiful day. Can't get much better than this in December." said Brooks.

Jay Hoover from Chester County doesn't think warm weather mixes well with layering of any kind, snow and/or clothing.

Hoover spent the day on the slopes in shorts.

Many hope Mother Nature continues to cooperate but believe it's already a better ski season than last year.

"I was expecting a lot of snow, but you can see there is not too much snow. So as I said, I guess we will go up and see. But again, the weather is beautiful," said Mehrobjoni.

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  • Sammy T.

    i wonder how many transgenders were hitting the slopes today? any bathroom issues WNEP could do a story on? i think WNEP went at least 2 days with no transgender story.

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