Wilkes-Barre Passes Budget with Tax Hike

WILKES-BARRE — Property taxes in the Diamond City will be going up in 2017.

At a meeting Thursday night, Wilkes-Barre city council approved the budget plan for the new year.

The budget includes a 16 percent property tax hike.

The budget passed with a vote of 3 to 2.


  • tomtom

    Leighton is an idiot…how many times are you people going to re-elect her???you get what you deserve…you are all idiots…

  • Mark L

    Awww, Mayor George gave us all a nice Christmas gift! We all thought you said Law and Order not Tax and order, our mistake. Thanks for thinking of us though, we’ll be thinking of you on your way out. Guess you shouldn’t have opened your mouth about Leighton on the subject.

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