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Sharing Parade Helps Families, Teaches Valuable Lesson

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NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP -- Giving to others, especially around the holidays, is a lesson for all of us, young and old.

That spirit is alive and well within elementary school students in Susquehanna County.

Those Blue Ridge Elementary School students aren't just talking about sharing with others, they're doing it.

From inside the high school auditorium near New Milford, each boy and girl has taken the time to stress the importance of giving and caring in their own words.

"A gift from my heart will be I will give clothes to someone because they don't fit me," said student Avery George.

For the 31st year, the school has pulled off what it calls, "the sharing parade," songs and sayings that remind so many of the true meaning of the season.

"You all deserve to be thanked because we're truly helping others today. And it's not just anybody. We're helping our own Blue Ridge families and letting them know we care," said teacher Kathy Roe.

The students came up with the poems and sang the tunes while reading teacher Kathy Roe guided them through a meaningful and heartwarming lesson.

It's that lesson that hits home with Mary Thurston.

"For some, you might think you're donating food, but it goes beyond that. It's a feeling of hope that tomorrow will be better," said Thurston.

The foster grandparent was overwhelmed to see the tradition of sharing continues to this day, 30 years after she and her family received the goodwill from children just like this.

"It shows that they're being raised right, being raised to care."

This sharing parade keeps the spirit of giving alive in the youngest of hearts and in the hope is all this will lead to a lifetime of caring for neighbors.

"These are our Blue Ridge families that need that little extra help for the holiday season and a little bit of hope given to them," added Roe.

After the sharing parade, folks are packing up all this food to distribute to 30 families within the Blue Ridge School District, helping them have something around the holidays.