Retail Rush: Shoppers out for Last-Minute Gift Grabs

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- With just days left, the retail rush is on and shoppers at Stroud Mall were busy scooping up last-minute items Tuesday.

"That's kind of just a part of the fun of it, waiting until the last minute, you know, trying to find you know those last minute gifts and bargains. That's the fun. I don't know. I enjoy it,” said Melody McCoy of Long Island.

Some shoppers told Newswatch 16 they always wait until the last minute.

According to the National Retail Federation, 40 percent of holiday sales are made in the 10 days before Christmas.

"Yeah, I mean I really need to get on it, definitely. I really need to get on it,” laughed Okay Osameka of Stroudsburg.

The National Retail Organization also anticipates holiday sales to be higher this year compared to last.

For some, last-minute shopping comes with a bonus.

"I think it's cheaper. Everything goes on sale and it's like, I mean, it's more chaotic, but I don't know. I think you get everything that you're looking for because everybody stocks up on stuff,” said Michele-Lee Parris-King of Coolbaugh Township.

Shoppers aren't just crowding stores to buy those last minute items. Many are going online.

"It's a little bit more stressful for me, so especially having online ability, makes it a lot more convenient and I utilize that a lot now,” said Eric McCoy of Long Island.