New Patriotic Look on STS Buses

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POTTSVILLE -- Some of the public transportation buses in Schuylkill County are getting a new look. The look is patriotic with some added purpose.

If you've been in Schuylkill County, you may have seen the usual red, white, and blue design on the Schuylkill Transportation System (STS) buses.

But now, a few of the buses are getting a new red, white, and blue look, wrapped in an American flag design.

"This will be the first time we have done a complete full bus wrap in our system," said STS's David Beckisz. "We hope the county enjoys it just as much as we have enjoyed putting it out there."

For the first time in its 25 year existence, the county's bus system is using its entire bus as a mobile billboard for advertising.

"We've had other advertising agreements with different corporations in the past, but they have been just parts and pieces of the vehicles," Beckisz explained.

CACL Financial, a local county credit union has signed a contract to advertise for three years to have three buses wrapped in this patriotic design.

"You go to any city like we were talking about and you see the big buses with these wraps on them, so we thought why not here? Why not do it in Schuylkill County," said Francesco Mercuri, CACL Financial.

This design and new form of advertising with STS is a business investment for the credit union, but it also has another purpose.

"We didn't just want to put up CACL all over the bus. We wanted to bring recognition to the troops, to the military serving past and present."

The three newly designed buses should hit the road this week, and STS plans to put the buses wrapped in the American flag on almost all the routes throughout the county.