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‘Half Christmas Trees’ are a Thing — Who Knew?

Putting up the Christmas tree is a favorite tradition for many families — but what if you live in a small apartment and have limited free space?

Introducing the half Christmas tree.

If you’re running low on space in your home, or you’re someone who refuses to decorate the back of the tree because no one will ever see it, the half tree could be a good option.

And trust us… you get what you pay for.

A “Minnesota Pine Westbrook” half tree is being sold on for $156.99. The regular price? $313.34. So yes — it’s half-off.

Home Depot sells a smaller half Christmas tree for less than $75. Other retailers are also selling the half tree this year.


  • Yohoho

    That’s hilarious! Funny story; I had a neighbor who bought a real tree for the first time and found it to tall to fit in her apartment. She asked us what should she do. We told her she needed to cut the tree. Later she invited us over to see her newly decorated tree. Here she cut the top of the tree off and it looked like it was going through the ceiling to the upstairs apartment. I thought I would die from laughter. Great memories.

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