Snow Squalls a Slap from Mother Nature

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DUNMORE -- Below-freezing temperatures, gusting winds, and snow squalls made for a difficult start to this Thursday.

A snow squall moved through our area just in time for the morning commute and left some slippery roads and sidewalks for parents and kids.

What started in Susquehanna County around 5 a.m. moved through Lackawanna County around 8 a.m. just in time for the school commute.

Parents and kids gearing up for school and work this morning were already expecting cold weather but snow was another surprise.

"I knew it was going to be cold and I just went out to start the car got the kids ready to get to school," said Dunmore resident Mike Barkley.

Parents had to make adjustments as they shuffled their kids to Dunmore Elementary School.

Early morning commutes were slowed as the snow squalls made it difficult to travel.

Cars were moving slowly but surely through the packed school parking lot. Excited kids were bundled up as they trekked through the snow.

"I love the snow and it's close to my birthday so that's very good; I love it!" said Regan Carney.

Traffic around the area was also affected by the wintry conditions. Buses slowed down to avoiding sliding during their morning journey.

As quickly as the squall moved through Lackawanna County, people were reminded to take it slow

"You just have to take your time, that's all. You'll get there eventually," said Mary Miller of Dunmore.

With the holidays right around the corner, and more snow coming in the forecast, folks looked on the bright side of the possibility of having a white Christmas.

"It's great it gets you in the holiday spirit getting ready for Christmas. It makes you feel that holiday cheer!"

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  • GO FAST!

    Hey Scranton/Wilkesbarre city slickers, make sure when the roads and highways get slick today you all drive fast like the usual non driving idiots you are. You people are great entertainment for me, and rating boosters for Channel 16!

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