PNC Building Being Developed into Apartments, Offices

WILKES-BARRE -- A developer in Wilkes-Barre has acquired what is believed to be a hidden gem: the PNC Bank building right off Public Square.

D&D Reality is developing the PNC Building on West Market Street in Wilkes-Barre, turning the upper floors into office space, plus 40 upscale apartments with views you might not get anywhere else in the city. The $4.5 million project is called Riverview West.

"The views are incredible, the building itself is beautiful," said Casey Donahue.  "The location is perfect. You're a block off the square."

Rent may seem a little pricey to some, starting at $950 a month.

"For Wilkes-Barre, no I feel like that's a little too much!" said Jalil Finley.

But D&D has four other upscale apartment buildings in Wilkes-Barre. They're leasing them to a lot of millennials, who are looking for nice places to live.

"There's a lot of desire to be downtown right now," said Adam Donahue, D&D Realty.

"People are trying to move in before they're even finished. They can't even keep up with what they're asking," said contractor Jeremy Davis.

That includes Darren Treat, a software developer who works nearby at Refer Local in Wilkes-Barre.

"The walk would be right over, just like New York City," said Treat.

He's also looking for an apartment in the downtown. For him, the roughly $1,000 a month rent is doable.

"Depending on the condition of all of it, and the reality that heating and cooling will be significantly cheaper in a renovated apartment, that might not be that bad, that doesn't scare me at all," Treat added.

Riverview West is expected to be finished sometime in the summer.