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Holiday Tipping Tips

It's the season of giving! But when it comes to tipping, who do you tip and who do you skip?

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey teamed up with an etiquette expert at Misericordia University for some suggestions.

"Dr. John Etiquette," a.k.a Dr. John N. Mellon, is an Associate Professor in Misericordia's Business Department. He offered the following ideas for "Etiquette Tipping for the Holidays:"

Tipping over the holidays is a gesture of gratitude to express thanks and loyalty.

Who To Tip:

  1. Personal care individuals. Example: hair stylist, tip one-half of your service cost.
  2. Home care individuals. Example: cleaning person, one-half of your service cost.
  3. Home service. Example: mail carrier.
  4. House of Worship individuals.

What to Give:

Scratch-off lottery tickets, tickets to an event, or a gift card. There is the initial pleasure of receiving a gift, but the gift provides a joy when the individual redeems it. Remember, it’s not what you like, it’s what the recipient would like. A gift card to their favorite restaurant, or if the person enjoys a certain sport or hobby, you can give them something related to that. A gift card to a spa works too and say, “Here’s a gift of relaxation."

New Concept Called “365 Holiday”

This is to remember special service individuals more than just at the holiday season. For example, for the person cleans your home, remember that individual on their birthday. For a whole host of other tipping suggestions,

Click here to check out "The Emily Post's Institute Holiday Tipping Guide" for other suggestions.

As for who's expected to tip this season, head here to see a recent survey.

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  • RealityCheck

    Tips are a form of bribery. We need to have jobs that pay well rather than relying on tips. It’s an unfair practice to the tipper and the tippee.

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