Decorating Palmerton Park for Christmas

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PALMERTON  -- More than 100 Christmas trees are set up and decorated at a park in Carbon County, part of a tradition that brings the whole community of Palmerton together for the holidays.

Bernie Berlow from Palmerton strolls through Palmerton Park in Carbon County almost every day but strolls during the holiday are his favorite. The park is decked out in Christmas cheer with more than 100 trees decorated for the holidays.

"Wonderful!" said Berlow. "It really brightens up the park and people's spirits and even though, it's cold it brings a warm feeling."

For the last four years, schools, churches, businesses, and community members have given a donation and in return received a tree to decorate as part of the "Christmas in the Park" display.

"Everyone feels good at Christmas. Christmas should be all year round. People are happy at Christmas," said Robert Everett, Bob's Floral Shop owner.

The nice part about this Christmas tree display is that each one is different. You'll see some holiday themed, American themed, and even some funny ones.

"It's just great to have everyone in the holiday spirit so I am thankful for Palmerton," said Mayor Chris Olivia.

But the park isn't the only place you'll find people getting into the holiday spirit. Just across from the park, you'll hear the songs of Christmas coming from Bob's Floral Shop.

Owner Robert Everett has been playing the music for years and says the display now adds a little more to his holiday efforts.

"When they were decorating the trees, two or three of them came in and said thanks. When they were doing the trees, it made it more fun to do the trees because the music was playing," said Everett.

Money raised from the Christmas tree display will go back to the Palmerton Christmas lighting fund.

The trees will be up for the community to see through the second week of January.