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No, the ‘Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset’ Is Not a Real Thing

The “Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset” has gone viral on Facebook — but it’s not a real thing, the company has confirmed in a statement.

In the altered photo, the playset is shown including a bar, barstools, beer bottles, and other accessories. The altered photo was shared on social media earlier this week where it quickly went viral.

Many people shared the photo on Fisher Price’s Facebook page, forcing the company to issue a statement:

“Please know that this product is not endorsed, produced or approved by Fisher-Price.”

It remains unclear where the photo originated.


  • HA!

    I’m guessing most of the outrage came from the “undereducated” in the south. (Florida and Texas, I’m looking at you.)

    • Ha-Ha-Ha

      Thinking more along the lines of the undereducated in Sullivan, Wyoming, luzerene and Lackawanna counties. And wow there are plenty of idiots per capita in these counties than all the rest combined in Pennsyltuckey.

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