Three Crashes in Three Days on I-380

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- There have been three crashes in three days on Interstate 380, and they come after numerous others on that highway in recent months.

According to PennDOT, more than 300 crashes have happened on Interstate380 in Monroe County over the last five years.

Some drivers we spoke to were frightened by that number but say it's a tough problem to fix because they believe many of the crashes are due to operator error.

On Monday, a tractor trailer carrying scrap metal flipped on its side.

On Tuesday, there was another crash, this one involving a tractor-trailer and a car. Two teens were killed.

Two more trucks crashed early Wednesday morning.

Drivers in Monroe County are worried about what is happening.

"It's very sad especially this last crash, the last one, it was terrible. I don't know if there is anything that can be done," said Bob McGee of Moscow.

According to PennDOT officials, over the last five years, more than 80 crashes and one fatality has happened on Interstate 380 from the Mount Pocono exit to Interstate 80.

Throughout the whole county, there were more than 300 crashes with eight fatalities. Many of those crashes were due to operator error and not always speeding.

"There's not much that can be done. It's the people. That is the problem," said Arnell Dial of Mount Pocono.

"I think the truck traffic is out of control, definitely, between the garbage trucks and everything else," McGee added. "Somebody needs to do something about the trucks."

While some drivers believe it's tractor trailers causing most of these crashes, some tractor trailer drivers insist that is not the case.

"It's wrong because a lot of times people see a truck and they want to get in front of them. They will speed up to get in front of them. They slow down in front of the trucks. I mean we are hauling 80,000 pounds. It's not an easy job," said Richard Lugo of Mount Pocono.

Lugo has been a tractor trailer driver for 25 years. He believes if drivers and tractor trailer drivers can learn to share the road, things like this might not happen.

"Give them space. Respect the vehicles and do what you got to do. Stay away if you need to."

According to PennDOT, it's tough for them to fix this problem when most of the crashes are due to operator error. All they can do is ask drivers to drive appropriately and take the lives of themselves and others into account while behind the wheel.


  • Lou

    A family member was killed on 380 this week they r called accidents no one gets behind a wheel n I’m going to kill someone today stop blaming the truck drivers or the people in the cars they we’re drunk or reckless driving like doing a 110 on t he high way………

  • Bigstrapper

    There are too many wrecks on 380 and 80 in eastern PA. I am a truck driver with 30 years driving tractor trailers. I had to go to Mt. Pococno Tuesday night during the snow storm. The road conditions were horrible. Where were the snow plows/salt trucks? I saw quite a few of them parked in the median cross overs. As for the truck drivers on the road…. Slow down! 4 wheelers slow down! There were quite a few trucks and cars going way too fast! The trucks that were going 50+ mph on the slick snow and ice covered roads Tuesday night were going way too fast. Following way too close. Drivers are too inexperienced today because all the experienced ones are retiring or just fed up with the BS. I will be retiring in the near future.

  • Common Sense

    This is EXACTLY what I said a few weeks ago and WNEP deleted my comment……..
    I’ll try again. The State Police will give anyone with a pulse and a passport a CDL A license. They are the only ones to blame for these unqualified operators being on the road.
    All the GOOD, SAFE, QUALIFIED drivers have been harassed (by the State Police) into pursuing other careers.
    or delete my comment, bury your head in the sand and keep adding up the bodies……

    • sc

      some of your common sense adds up…some of it is BS know it all stuff.
      i totally agree…way too many CDLs going to irresponsable people and a lot are NOT legal/legit CDLs. Foreign international shipping companies are to blame for that…..BUT….the FED has dug so deep into company pockets and the cost to insure due to BS lawsuits has us where we are now.
      there ARE top shelf CDL truckers out there…MANY….and a LOT of Azz Whole passenger car drivers that cause many of the accidents.
      70mph is not as safe as 60…dont care what DOT genius claims.
      a semi with 20,000 lb load = 50,000+ lbs and takes aprox 100 yards to stop from 55mph on favorable conditions.
      The world cant get by without trucks. they make everything we buy and need, available.
      Pay a GOOD trucker what they are worth, give them reasonable home time and make the testing long and difficult and only let the best of them on the road.
      im a trucker….i dont want any of these idiots on the road. i have a family to support.

      • Common Sense

        With 30+ years in transportation……yes, I’m a know-it-all BS type.
        Now, I see we agree on everything.
        1. FREEZE all new licensing until a system of apprenticeship is established.
        2. Drop ALL on road harassment of drivers by Police. NO UNJUSTIFIED STOPS…..Truck Drivers are NOT criminals.
        3. Start enforcing traffic laws on car drivers… can’t believe what a Professional driver sees everyday, that, somehow, cops never notice.
        4. Safety will go up. Pay will slowly increase. Car drivers will start to pay the price with their wallet, instead of their life.
        OR delete my comments and call me names…..and keep piling the bodies up.

    • sc

      common sense…..
      thank you for a matter of facts.
      please foregive my BS comment. im not sure where i got that from other than i have been increasingly frustrated and contemplating getting out of the industry.
      this is too much lately…..accidents with trucks headlined daily and truckers are hated more than ever.
      i admit doing many 18/19+ days back in the day. everything was different then. there is little shared value these days and way too many distractions. We didnt have cell phones and lap tops that facetime or live feed.

      • Les

        Common Sense and SC, keep hauling that freight. As a road sales guy with nearly 30 years of driving our highways in my ‘4-wheeler’ I always feel more safe when with a bunch of trucks. Don’t worry about the haters. Keep the faith and keep doing your crucial job.

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