‘That’s it, he probably killed her,’ – Taylor Neighbors Stunned by Death

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TAYLOR -- Neighbors are telling us more about what may have led a man to kill his wife and then call 911 to report the death himself.

Robert Sanchuk of Taylor is being held without bail. So far, he has not been charged with his wife's death.

Investigators say he told them that he was angry with his wife Jill and hit her, killing her inside their home on Tuesday.

The district attorney is expected to release more information Thursday.

The Sanchuks' neighbors told us a year of trouble for the couple escalated in the worst possible way.

As police tape hung from the front porch of a home on a dead end street in Taylor, neighbors on Prince Street, many who have been here for generations, wondered how did it get here?

There's never ever been any problems here whatsoever, never, not until they moved in," said a neighbor.

A neighbor told us what she saw just after dinnertime Tuesday night. Robert Sanchuk was out on his porch talking on the phone. His wife Jill hadn't been seen for about 24 hours.

"As soon as the two police cars pulled up, I said, 'There's got to be something going on,' because usually, it's her calling the cops on him. But apparently, 10 minutes later they took him out in handcuffs and I said, 'That's it. He probably killed her.'"

She says the Sanchuks moved in about a year ago and that year has been marked by police calls to the place.

Taylor's police chief confirms that his officers have been called to the house several times, but never for anything violent before.

Neighbors say they had been steering clear of Robert Sanchuk for several months.

"He was a danger to the neighborhood, to the whole block. Everybody was sick and tired of him. You know, he was harassing all of the neighbors for money, cars, rides. He was just a nuisance."

Robert Sanchuk is charged with aggravated assault, but it's possible those charges will change based on the results of an autopsy that was done on Jill Sanchuk on Wednesday. We expect to find out those results Thursday.



    Not surprised that the neighbors felt he was a menace to their vicinity. His face looks like Scrooge X 1,000.

      • WTH

        Just thinking the same. People of this age don’t know where and how to get it this kind of help when they need it. You would think if the cops were called on several occasions the opportunity of help for her was offered. People of her age would more likely than not decline. She may have some sort of dementia, or pets she didn’t want to leave behind..who knows? But no one to check up on her or look after her; no agency would intervene is both sad and disturbing.

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