Man Accused of Choking Infant Escapes Police Custody

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WILKES-BARRE -- A man who allegedly choked an infant is on the run from police.

Police say Derek Reich, 28, of Wilkes-Barre was in handcuffs when he got away.

It all started at a home on Barney Street in Wilkes-Barre on Monday, where the child's mother says she found Reich choking their 6-month-old baby.

The mother and baby were able to get away and call for help.

Officers were called to the home and arrested Reich, but say he somehow got away on the way to the Luzerne County jail.

The mother and baby were checked out at the hospital and are expected to be OK.



    He’s got enough patience to sit for an hour while somebody braids his hair all up like this, but not enough patience to care for an innocent child. Vain, and a poor excuse for a man.

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