Flash Flood Watches in Effect

Big Rig Hauling Scrap Metal Overturns on Highway in Monroe County

MOUNT POCONO -- One lane of Interstate 380 north in Monroe County was closed while crews worked to clear up a wreck.

Officials say a tractor trailer hauling scrap metal tipped on its side near Mount Pocono just after 5 a.m. on Monday.

The driver wasn't badly hurt.

I-380 north was down to one lane while crews cleaned up the crash in Monroe County. The crash was cleared by about 9:45 a.m.

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    • Sam I Am

      I guess road conditions had nothing to do with it, and the fact that it happened on the Sunday night when Penn Dot has temporary drivers to fill in ( if they even had any on duty ).

      • the trucking do gooder

        Well then Sam, I’m going give you some learning although your supposedly a trucker. DON’T BLAME THE ROAD CONDITIONS! DON’T BLAME PENNDOT! DON’T BLAME GOD! BLAME THE DRIVER FOR NOT STAYING OFF THE ROAD! I drive truck. If the roads are hazardous, I park it. So shouldn’t have this guy. If you work for a company that “makes” you drive then quit them. Plenty of other good companies out there that won’t force you. My company doesn’t, nor will I allow them. Never got fired AND my license is squeaky clean. Bet this guy wishes he didn’t crumble to his dispatcher’s pressure. FOOLS I SAY!!!!!

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