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Truck Causes Damage to Funeral Home in Union County

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MIFFLINBURG -- The Union County coroner was called out Thursday night, but not for the reason he normally is. A tractor trailer caused extensive damage to his funeral home.

The truck driver pulled over in Mifflinburg but when he did, he caused a lot of damage in a matter of seconds.

That building that was hit is the Dominick T. Adamo Funeral Home, which is owned by the Union County coroner.

According to the coroner, that driver pulled over to check his GPS and when he did, he knocked over the funeral home's large awning, damaging the building.

Dominick Adamo is used to being called out late at night since he is the coroner in Union County, but when his wife Jen told him there was a crash at their family's business, he went on a different kind of call.

"'You've got to get to the funeral home quick, somebody, something hit the funeral home.' So I quick ran and got my car, and of course, I got a few calls on the way over here," said Adamo.

When Adamo got to his funeral home on Chestnut Street in Mifflinburg, he saw that the truck had pulled off the road and into the awning.

"Basically, the portico we had constructed here was completely taken off. It doesn't look like there was any structural damage to the building, which I'm thankful."

There were two poles that held up the portico. Two humps were left behind and must be paved over. If that's not possible, the Adamos must replace the concrete.

"The damage is far more extensive than just the awning ripped off," said Jen Adamo. "We will have to maybe replace the whole front door and the door framing as well as electrical, probably the railing."

The Adamos used to live in the home but moved out a few months ago, so no one was inside when the truck hit.

"I'm thankful that it didn't happen during a funeral service when we had people coming in or exiting the building," Jen said. "My number one concern is always the people in the community and we're thankful that the driver wasn't injured too."

The silver lining to all of this is, they're already in the process of building a new funeral home, which is scheduled to open next spring.

"I think it's just really good timing that this happened now and not a year ago," Jen added.

The couple says another positive is there are no funerals scheduled for this weekend.

"That could have been a little bit dicey if we would have had a funeral scheduled. We would have had to, obviously, had to make do," said Dominic.

The Adamos are waiting for an insurance adjuster to come and assess the amount of damage caused. While everything is being fixed, people attending a funeral may have to use the side entrance.