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Police Chasing Car Ends with Motorcycle Hitting School Van

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HAZLETON -- A police chase ended in a crash that included a school van with students on board.

According to police,  they were pursuing a car that wouldn't stop at 3 p.m. on Friday. During that chase, a police cruiser clipped a motorcycle on North Locust and West 19th Street.

The motorcycle then wrecked into a school van. Officials say the biker had leg injuries but no one else was hurt.

State police are investigating the crash.




  • Henry the 1/8th

    Police should discontinue pursuit if they themselves become a danger to public safety as in this case. This should go without saying.

    • Sam I Am

      Dufus, the biker had nothing to do with the chase, the biker is innocent, too bad it wasn’t an 18 wheeler, or you would be bashing the trucker.

      • james "the rook" chessman

        INCORRECT. If the dope on the bike would have been in a car he would have walked away unscathed.

    • Garmin

      I really hope that TomTom is not my neighbour, but considering that none of my neighbors have been dragged out of their house and set on fire yet, I probably should not be worrying about such a horrible prospect.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Good question. As soon as a pursuit starts, the “suspect” is brandishing a deadly weapon, no matter who it is and what the reason may be. Innocent people, like this biker, can be hurt or killed. Deadly force should be used a.s.a.p. to end it.

  • WTH

    Apparently there needs to be better communication between surrounding areas if the police force is small in these towns so as to have more than one police car chasing down a suspect in the middle of the day injuring/killing innocent civilians.

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