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Penn State Playing for B1G Title

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We're in downtown Indianapolis, the site of Saturday's big ten championship game between Penn State and Wisconsin. After the first four games when Penn State was 2-2, the odds-makers in Vegas gave Penn State a one percent chance of being here. If they win, it would be their first Big Ten title outright since 1994. Yes, it's a big game.

"Pretty important to be able to play big ten championships, those types of things," Penn State Head Coach James Franklin said. "How long it was going to take us to get to one of these games, I did not have a number on it. Obviously we walked into an interesting situation, probably one of the more interesting situations in college football history. We're in a position right now where everybody is feeling really good, everybody is excited, everybody is pulling the rope in the same direction. When you're able to do that at a place like Penn State, you have the chance to do some pretty special things. To have the chance to play for the big ten championship is a tremendous honor on its own. To find a way to win this game, to be able to take this bad boy back to state college, it would be awesome."

Wisconsin leads the nation with interceptions. They also lead in time of possession. Penn State's gonna have to try to win it with big plays and if they win, it could be a springboard to even bigger things.


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