Meet ‘The Biscuit Lady’ at the Williamsport SPCA

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Lycoming County's SPCA is always looking for volunteers, but once in a while, members of the nonprofit meet someone who goes above and beyond for their animals.

One woman has earned herself the nickname "The Biscuit Lady."

Mary Boatman likes to spend her Friday afternoons with friends, and she likes to give them dog biscuits, too.

If you haven't guessed it yet, this 89-year-old, who sometimes goes by Miss Mary, has a lot of furry, four-legged friends.

The dogs are fond of her, too, but that's probably because they know what's inside her cart -- dog biscuits, and a lot of them.

It's how Mary got her other nickname -- The Biscuit Lady.

"She is the one that brings them treats every Friday," said Jennifer Shaffer of the Williamsport SPCA. "So they especially look forward to getting those treats every Friday."

Mary's visits to the SPCA in Williamsport started back in 1991. She would stop in with her daughter Ann who, at the time, worked at a grooming kennel across the street.

In 1997, Mary's daughter passed away but Mary didn't stop coming to the SPCA. In fact, she's been here almost every Friday for over 25 years.

"She knows all the dogs by name, she knows all of us staff by name. It's wonderful," said Shaffer.

"Because I love it. You see that reception I got, that's why I do this," Mary said.

So Mary says she'll keep treating these dogs every week because man's best friend treats her just as well.


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