Fire Department Gathers Supplies for Tennessee Wildfire Victims

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- Inside Trucksville Volunteer Fire and Rescue, crews are sorting and gathering up supplies to give to people affected by the wildfires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

For assistant fire chief Steve Derhammer, it's personal.

"I've vacationed down in that area for 20 years," he said. From what they've given [my family,] this is nothing compared to what we can give back."

Organizers hope to fill two trailers with everything from toiletries to little toys for children as a form of a distraction.

"It upsets me that so many people have lost their homes and they need help and any little bit that anybody can do would be greatly appreciated," said Beth Eckert of Kingston Township.

Jackie Siperko brought her son along to drop off some goods after they both saw the devastation on the news.

"We just went in our basement and had an extra case of water and wanted to run that down today and tomorrow we're going to shop for some more items," she said.

From the outpouring already, Derhammer is overwhelmed by how big a difference all these little things will make for those in need.

"It's really touching," he said.

Donations will be accepted at the fire station in Trucksville until 8 p.m. Friday, and then from 8 a.m. - noon Saturday, when volunteers hit the road for Tennessee.

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  • think about it

    Why do we always feel the need to help outsiders? Don’t we have enough issues around this craphole coal area that we should be helping ourselves? Nobody from Tennessee, Louisiana, Haiti, etc. has ever helped me in a time of need.

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