Dunmore’s Response to Pre-Game Prayer Controversy

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DUNMORE -- Two high school football teams in our area have changed pre-game traditions after receiving notice from a civil rights group that it is unconstitutional for coaches to lead their team in prayer.

Dunmore's pre-game prayer huddle was taken to task last month.

It's the same story for the Danville Ironmen after a photo of a prayer huddle was shared with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The civil rights group has reminded both teams that coaches cannot lead a team in prayer due to separation of church and state. Both teams have since altered the pre-game tradition.

Now, hundreds of people in Dunmore have responded with a public show of their priorities – God, family, Dunmore Bucks.

"It just seemed pretty fitting to do something more to lift community spirit, so I got the idea of making these yard signs. God, family, Dunmore Bucks," said Dunmore resident Paul Nardozzi.

Nardozzi designed the signs and worked with local businesses to make 650 of them. All of them ended up in yards throughout so-called Bucktown.

"They're all over the place," Nardozzi said. "I think the effect was very positive. People didn't understand the law, I didn't understand it at first, reading into it, I do. It's a shame because it's just been a tradition over the past 30 or 40 years with Coach Henzes and the football team, just saying their pregame prayer together."

Nardozzi says reaction to the signs hasn't been all positive, but most people have seen his point. Tradition means a lot in this community when one tradition was forced to change, people needed a pick me up.

Mark Ciprian proudly displays a sign in his back yard even though the Bucks' season has ended.  He thinks in our area, where football and religion run deep, Dunmore and Danville won't be the last teams to hear from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

"No, not at all, no, there's always somebody that says something about something, so no I'm not surprised," Ciprian said.

Dunmore has something to say, too, and they're making their message clear.


  • typical liberal dope

    If a bunch of fruits made love at the 50 yard line all the liberal dopes would be crying tears of joy

  • heil trump heil trump heil trump

    To: “lay off dope americans” Are you blaming dope smoking for allowing weak minds to accept constitutional miscarriage? You my friend are wrong. I smoke dope everyday and I am very patriotic. I am not pro muslim, pro Allah, or none of that sh*t! Actually, I’m a pretty racist mutha fuka! I am a true European American and very anti Mideastern and anti Latin American immigration.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Dunmore’s Response to Pre-Game Prayer Controversy…………………………………..
    Unfortunately liberals have changed the original intent of what the Constitution, says…
    So lets look ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”
    When the people set up our great constitution, they put that phrase in “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” why??? because England, and a national religion, and they where not free to practice what ever…….they had the church of England, so that’s why we have that clause…..it wasn’t meant to stop a coach from praying with his team or a school from hanging a cross in the hall way…..and unfortunately we let liberals hijack the meaning and twist it to their perverted ideals ………….



  • Ed Krisher

    If I was one of the coaches, I would remind them that I am not allowed to pray with them….but no one said that they couldnt take it upon themselves & do it anyway. There’s a message that everyone would understand!

    • sharon Brehm

      The Dunmore players are still praying on the field. They have taken it upon their selves to pray. These are a fantastic group of individuals who along with their fans will continue this tradition. This sends a strong message. GOD , FAMILY, DUNMORE BUCKS !

    • sc

      dont quit….it is Christmas.
      ill celebrate it with you.
      these whistle blowing grinches cant stand seeing others live free and be content.
      i fee bad for anyone (good) being oppressed but i feel worse for the oppressors because they never touch their own spirit or know real love.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Nowhere in The Constitution does it say “separation of church and state” That’s a popular leftist trick to destroy the cohesion and comfort that religion brings. As a matter of fact the First Amendment plainly states “there shall be no prohibition on the exercise of religion”, which means if the team decides to pray before a game it’s their right to do so, no matter where they do so. Don’t be bamboozled by these communists…fight them at every turn!

    • Stan Johnson

      The Supreme Court decides federal constitutional law. So, while you are technically correct that “separation of Church and State” does not constitution, the Court ruling in the case of Everson v. Board of Education stated “the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect ‘a wall of separation between Church and State.’” What this means is that it is now part of our federal law that a public school can not engage in religious acts.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        That “decision” was made by the communists appointed to the Supreme Court by FDR, the First Emperor Of America. He was the first President to ‘stack the bench’ with like-minded ideologues. 7 of the 9 Justices at the time were Democrats all appointed by His Highness. (Google these “Justices”. They’re a rogues gallery of Klanners, communists and politically-appointed tyrants.) It’s good to remember too, that FDR took our money off of the gold standard basically rendering it worthless, and took almost one third of working class Americans’ paychecks at the point of a gun for Social Security, and.he did most of these things under the cover of WWII.
        All of that aside, the commies knew from the start that America would be a tough nut to crack. We got to this point in tiny, seemingly innocent increments, but ALL of it can be laid directly at the feet of the Democrats. They’re a scourge on mankind.

  • amen

    Anybody that prays to God will go to Hell! I learned the hard way that religion doesn’t work. All my prayers fell on deaf ears. Believing in God is only a way to keep people from being scared of death. We die like plants and animals, no eternity. (Unless you pray, THEN HELL YOU GO!

    • magicmikexxsm

      Amen, you don’t know that…how do you know that??? you won’t know till you die, then it will be to late, if you are wrong…….God gave you free will to do as you want….he didn’t say he’ll step in if you get in a bind…….lol….

  • Feed Me More

    which god are they praying to again? why are they wasting their breath on prayer? what is wrong with people?

    • sc

      let me just ask…..
      if it were a group of midaged, muslim men with turbins praying together in a park or Buddhist monks….would you post similar words of disgust and intolerance?
      just curious….

      • cashmi

        If that group of kids and their coach want to pray together at a park, by all means! But not at a government sanctioned activity.

      • cashmi

        And in response to your other comment below, coaches are in a position of power and authority. Do you really think the kids are going to protest and run the risk of retaliation?

    • Millie the Pool

      Nice pic but sorry but some of us take part in the community and dont just sit home with various toys diddling away the hours waiting for the next unlucky fella to come along.

  • Sammy T

    congrats to Dunmore for standing their ground. Congrats also go out to the leftist group making a stink over a prayer- leftist groups like you just helped sweep Republicans into the White House, Senate, and House……Thank you

  • Dan Wesson

    I really wish someone from that civil rights group would knock on my front door. Then they would find out what Dunmore is all about. They should put uniforms on them and send them to Syria. Then they could all PRAY to come home. You don’t bother us. We don’t bother you. Very Easy ! PS Merry Christmas

      • Writer Girl

        A true theocracy and saying a prayer in a republic, are two different things. I know you have no knowledge about that from your stupid postings. DUHHHH!!!!!!

    • Green

      Why would they knock on your door?

      In any case the FFRF doesn’t go looking for a fight autonomously. Someone from the community has to request legal aid from them. That is, someone *was* bothered and they did something about it. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, atheist, or whatever you are, civil rights groups like the FFRF protect everyone’s rights by making sure no religion receives special favor from government institutions. I’m sorry if the Constitution inconveniences you.

    • sc

      no one really cares about your opinion Cashmi… ;)
      be tolerant, dont just preach it. Coexist…dont just place the sticker on your car. :)
      find your samadhi

    • sc

      i sense anger issues over an internal feud of fear…..im here for you brother/sister…..ill pray for your inner-peace

      • sc

        humans are such an odd species….
        but…you know something?
        i have a grateful connection with God,center of the universe,love. what ever you want to call it and im not frustrated or angered by Athiest lack of spirituality and universal connection. we might like to celebrate diversity on occation or admire free will and thought. be individual. unique. free.
        im sure the coach did not force these students to pray…..they did it with (togetherness)….harmony.

      • Green

        @SC That’s great for you and all but when a coach of a public school is on the clock representing that school he is a government employee and is required to keep church and state separate. Were the kids forced? Probably not, but you can be sure they would have been ostracized for sitting out. The community’s childish reaction to needing to follow constitutional law is proof enough of that.

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