Students’ Donations to Help Less Fortunate

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DREHER TOWNSHIP -- Sometimes the biggest help can come from the smallest of hands.

One elementary school in Wayne County is showing its students can help feed neighbors for the holidays.

Across the room from the Christmas tree, boxes and boxes of food are ready to ship out to a worthwhile cause.

Students at Wallenpaupack South Elementary in Newfoundland are to thank for all the grub.

"Every class brings cans to school then we bring them to the food pantry to kids that don’t get any food," said fifth-grader Mackenzie Borer.

A group of fifth-grade students are tasked with picking up the donations from classrooms every morning. Now the second load was handed over to the local food pantry.

"It’s a little hard to think so many people have stuff and so many don’t," said fifth-grader Nicholas Badajek.

"It probably makes them feel really good," added Austin Levens, also a fifth-grader. "So they know people care about them."

The reward isn't just the warm feeling these students get from helping others, but a pizza party for the winning class. There's a lesson that can't be taught in the pages of a textbook.

"Some people don’t have enough money to get things, people do have enough money to get things so they can donate it to people," said Borer.

Thanks to the 1,000 or more canned goods donated by students more than 150 families will get food for the holidays from the Newfoundland Community Food Pantry.

"These kids really support the people in our community who are less fortunate. They realize what’s going on and contribute time and efforts," said food pantry volunteer Arthur Frey.

Families in both Wayne and Pike Counties will be able to take home even more food than usual this holiday season thanks to all the donations.