PennDOT Plans to Install Guide Rails to Prevent Crashes

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TANNERSVILLE -- Over the last four months, four people died due to crossover crashes on Interstate 80 near Tannersville.

The most recent happened almost two weeks ago when two children and a man were killed. That man's box truck crossed over the median, hitting the car carrying those children.

"I work for the local fire department and that was a horrific crash and anything to prevent it, then yes," said George Schmelz, Tannersville.

PennDOT is hoping some improvements will help prevent these crashes.

Plans to add guide rails along Interstate 80 in Monroe and Carbon Counties and Interstate 380 in Monroe County are expected to begin after the New Year.

"I actually know people who have died there, so I think it's a pretty good idea that we try and straighten that out," said Michael Yasenchock, Pocono Lake.

"I think it's great. I think it should be installed. There are a lot of accidents on (Interstate) 80, especially tractor-trailer accidents, so hopefully it will keep everyone safe," said Christina Martini of Effort.

According to PennDOT officials, the $2.1 million project will be a mixture of concrete barriers, cable guide rails, and traditional guide rails along both interstates where there are gaps.

In addition to the guide rails, people would also like to see something done about the speed on Interstate 80. It's marked a 55 mph zone but some believe drivers go much faster than that.

Christina Martini from Effort uses Interstate 80 on a regular basis.

"I also think that they need to implement other things on 80 as well. Lower speed limits, more police activity, just so that we are safer," said Martini.

The hope is to have the guide rail project completed by July.

Traffic disruption is expected to be minimal.


  • I Am The Antipope

    “Guide rails”?
    They are guard rails. Even the manufacturers call them guard rails.
    Why do you obey Penn DOT’s Newspeak?

  • Real Driver

    Another biased story. Speed had NOTHING to do with what was mentioned in the story, so why was it there? You should do a story about why speed limits are NOT posted correctly in PA. They should be set at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, but are not. When speed limits are too low it causes crashes and safe drivers are cited. The devices also make many errors.

    Did you consider contacting a source like the National Motorists Association to balance out the coverage, rather than talking to clueless people or other people who may profit from the current system?

  • Les

    I’m sorry, but the wimpy cable barriers shown in this article won’t stop a fully-loaded 18 wheeler from crossing. Go see the barriers on I-78 in NJ. Maybe PennDOT can learn something over there.

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