Snowy, Cold Few Days in Susquehanna County

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NEW MILFORD -- It was like flipping a switch this weekend: from 70 degrees and sunny to a blast of wintry weather.

Many parts of our area were spared the worst of it, but Susquehanna County was hit with snow plus heavy winds. A lake effect snow warning is in place.

The snow kept piling up after two straight days of steady flurries. Don Marshman knows it comes with the territory.

"Some years you get a lot of snow some years you don’t get hardly any, last year was a great winter. I don’t ski or anything so after the first week of hunting season it can go away," he said.

Marshman  was plowing through New Milford Monday.

The big plow trucks were out as well. Last winter was a mild one. This time around is shaping up to be a harsh start to the season.

"It’s hard this time of year because the ground isn’t frozen yet, but it makes a sloppy mess you gotta get it out of the way," added Marshman.

Drivers were also busy delivering heating oil and propane to homes and businesses now dealing with freezing temps and brutal winds. Justin Lawrence tells Newswatch 16 most roads are clear so customers can get their heating fuel.

"It seemed to pick up a lot more now that it snowed and got cold real quick. Nice on Saturday and cold and windy on Sunday," he said.

There was no school for kids in Susquehanna County after the storm continued to linger in the area and left a few inches of snow, making some roads a mess with the drifting.

"I just got bored and started shoveling."

A snow day for fifth grader John Fiore meant he cold spend some time scooping the snow from his neighbor's driveway.

"There’s ice under it, sometimes it’s soft and hard," he said.