Blustery Start to Bear Season

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NIPPENOSE TOWNSHIP -- Statewide rifle black bear season started on Saturday. People say numbers are down and believe the snow and drastic dip in temperature may be to blame.

So far, more bears have been killed in Lycoming County than any other county in the state.

Tom Clouser says he was at the right place at the right time when he took his shot and bagged his bear.

"I came to an open area and I shot and there it laid," he said.

It's bear season, and over the next couple of days, dozens of hunters will bring their game to the Antes Fort Volunteer Fire Company.

"We typically are the top first or second check station in terms of number of bears that come in and we think we are probably near the top in terms of the number of spectators," said Lisa Williams, Pennsylvania Game Commission.

"Ah, this is great," said Friz Konieczka. "I mean kids come here. Usually four or five o'clock, these benches are full."

"The largest bear we've had here is 440 pounds," added Williams.

So far this year, about 100 bears have been weighed and tagged at this checkpoint near Jersey Shore. Last year, 130 bears came in on the first day.

A lot of hunters will go home without a bear this year. The game commission says their numbers are slightly down, partially due to the weather.

"The weather has not been very cooperative for hunters this year," said Williams.

Brad Parcell came from Indiana to hunt with his buddies near Woolrich.

"Today was a little windy. we Pushed through it just kept on looking for bear," he said.

"Had some wind move in and some bad weather move in. At that point, that suppresses bear movement. That suppresses hunter movement," said Williams.

Hunters still have a chance to bag their bear. Statewide rifle black bear season lasts until Wednesday.

See the bear harvest statistics at the Pennsylvania Game Commission website.

Pennsylvania DCNR also has an interactive site for hunters.


  • Not Stupid Like Below

    Awww… the hippy nature activists seem upset… boo hoo
    Its called conservation. The state keeps the population balanced. Set number of harvests each year. Its not a go shoot as many as you can event like you uneducated twats think.


    They have some sick Charlie Manson types in your country and Bubba must have a little wiener!

  • conroy

    Deer is one thing, they are abundant without wolves to hunt them. but bears are far less common and shouldn’t be hunted. unless you plan to eat every piece of meat on that bear you shouldn’t be hunting it. Maybe numbers are so low because of all you trophy hunting idiots.

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