Christmas Wreath Auction Held Near Mifflinburg

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP-- Every year, tens of thousands of Christmas wreaths and trees are auctioned off near Mifflinburg.

Organizers call this the biggest Christmas tree auction in the world.

The two-day event starts with the wreath auction where people bid on decor items.

People come from all over the east coast, including Trixie Talma, who is here from Bradford, New York.

"There's so many things here, different things you can't get anywhere else. We enjoy it so much, it's just a great place to come," Talma said.

Many people have come to this event for several years.

"This is our fifth year," Joanie Vonderhey said.

"I'm going to say ten years," Talma said.

But for others, the auction is a new experience.

"This is the first time I've been here and I'm just overwhelmed," Kathy Gaugler said.

Gaugler is having a wreath-making event at her church.

"All the ladies get together and make their own wreaths so I'm actually heading it this year," Gaugler said.

Some people see this as sort of the preview to the main event where more than 45,000 Christmas trees will be auctioned off.

"I get myself nervous but I get so excited over everything because you never know what prices are going to be from year to year," Vonderhey said.

Vonderhey says the prices on wreaths have been average this year. The Christmas tree auction starts 8 a.m. Friday at the Mifflinburg produce auction.