Troopers: Trio Stole Puppies in Carbon County

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TOWAMENSING TOWNSHIP -- Police in Carbon County are looking for three teenagers who may have shoplifted puppies.

Two 8-week-old dachshunds were stolen from a store near Lehighton before they were able to get some important shots. That is why associates at the store want help to get the animals returned.

Those puppies arrived at Country Junction General Store Tuesday and were stolen just hours later.

A veterinarian was scheduled to give the puppies shots on Wednesday. What really concerns store associates is the teens suspected of stealing the puppies knew that and took them anyway.

Country Junction sales associate Bryana Steinmetz has worked at the Country Junction pet store for 10 years and loves each animal that comes in, so for her, it's like someone stole one of her babies.

"It's very disgusting to me and disappointing that someone would actually break in an animal enclosure and take them, that they were that desperate," said Steinmetz.

The teens suspected of stealing the puppies had come into the store asking to hold some of the dogs. One of the sales associates told them the litter of dachshunds couldn't be held. The puppies had just arrived at the store and still needed some shots for their immune system.

"That is what is really suspicious about the whole thing because most people you tell that to they understand. But they were very adamant about holding these dogs," said Country Junction vice president Michael Burke.

Burke says this section of the store doesn't have surveillance video, but he believes when a sales associate wasn't looking, the teens broke the door open and stuffed two of the puppies in a coat.

Minutes later, surveillance video from the front of the store shows the two girls walking out. One of the girls had her jacket zipped.

"She has her hand in her pocket like she is holding something," said Burke.

Associates at the store are worried about the puppies and hope somehow they are safely returned.

"When an animal is stolen, you don't know what is going to happen to that animal. That is our biggest concern is getting the animal back," added Burke.

If you know who the people are in the pictures, please call state police in Lehighton at 610-681-1850.


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