Police Question Man in Pharmacy Theft

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OLYPHANT -- Police are questioning a man accused of stealing 300 prescription narcotics from a pharmacy in Lackawanna County last week.

Surveillance photos show the alleged thief at the Medicap Pharmacy in Olyphant .

According to police, the man told the pharmacist he was getting the medications for his sister but when she showed up at the pharmacy the next day, she was told the prescription was already filled.


  • laura

    ok sorry knowing what i know this is fishy from the get go. how do you get 300 narcotics prescribed to you? they can only do them in 1 month increments because of the laws. that works out to 10 pills a day and i can’t see that since this woman is driving around plus i don’t know of any that you could take that many of per day

    • Chris

      What Doctor would even prescribe 300 tablets and why? Why is the pharmacy dispensing that prescription? All parties should be looked into.

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