Mother Accused of Trying to Drown Baby Sentenced to Probation

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WEST PENN TOWNSHIP -- A mother charged with the attempted murder of her infant daughter will not spend any time in prison.

Rachel Foose of West Penn Township was sentenced to five years probation. That decision was handed down on Wednesday at the Schuylkill County Courthouse after the mother agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges.

Foose had been facing felony charges, including attempted murder, but under a plea agreement, those charges were downgraded to a lesser charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

Amy Dotson is Foose's neighbor in West Penn Township. She thinks Foose's family moved out after her arrest.

“After it all took place, I did see them packing some things up, I don't really pay attention too much. I honestly, I don't know if they still live there or not,” said Dotson.

Police were called to Foose's home near Tamaqua in October of 2015 after she tried to drown her 1-month-old daughter in the bathtub but stopped. When officers arrived, she told them she “tried to drown the baby because she couldn't handle it.”

The district attorney's office says the felony charges were downgraded to a misdemeanor because Foose suffers from mental illness.

Her neighbors, both mothers, say it’s easy be overwhelmed by the stress of a new baby.

“Oh, absolutely. I mean you’re home and the baby's crying and you're overwhelmed. You don't know what to do. You don't know where to turn,” said Dotson.

“I have three kids of my own. After a child, you know your head kind of gets out there,” said a neighbor who would only give her first name as Jessie.

The district attorney's office said part of the plea deal is that Foose must continue to undergo the treatment she is already receiving for her mental illness.

“I think that mental illness is something that needs to be addressed and you know as long as she gets help, I think that that's the best place for her, not being put in jail,” said Dotson.

“I honestly think, I appreciate they go that route and are looking into that, instead of lock them up and throw away the key,” said Jessie.

Also under the plea agreement, Foose is also allowed to have unsupervised access to her daughter.

It's not clear who is caring for the child at this time.



  • They shoot mentally ill now, don't they?

    Gosh. Maybe a concerned family member should call police so they could issue a mental health warrant and shoot her.

  • Taco Salad

    Meanwhile, we have dozens of “crimes” that carry mandatory jail time- whether or not anyone was actually hurt.
    Our system is messed up.
    IF this mother hurts this baby during a visit, or after she gets custody again (because you know she will, right?), the judge and prosecutors who allowed this to happen should be held responsible for criminal negligence and disbarred. They are as unfit for their jobs as she is to parent.

    • letsbehonest

      The article says “Also under the plea agreement, Foose is also allowed to have unsupervised access to her daughter.” UNSUPERVISED? seriously. . yeah, let’s plea her down to probation because she’s ill but also let her see her child whenever she wants. Makes total sense.

  • Rose

    So she almost drowns her baby and they are allowing her unsupervised visits with that same baby before they are confident she has received the psychological help she needed? What have our courts come to?

  • Jaime

    I don’t understand what’s with these mothers now days .who try and harm their innocent babies or children.they didn’t ask to be born first of all . no one told you to open your legs and get pregnant for one .if you can’t take care of your babies or kids or your on drugs what ever the case maybe drop them off to the nearest hospital or police station or call someone to take even children and youth .and If you are dealing with postpartum depression go seek help a lot of women deal with it after giving birth or talk to someone .their are plenty of mothers out there that would love to have children .and can’t or who want more children like my self and can’t get pregnant. it’s disgusting how these mothers kill their babies and children and get a slap on The wrist .basically the court system is failing these children and babies who have been killed .by the hands of their own parents it’s sad . Basically it’s saying it ok to hurt a child in my eyes PA system needs to give these mothers a harsher punishment if it was a man they would get life in prison or someone of a different race how is that fair. A mother is supposed to love and protect there children .a real mother will protects her children at any cost even if it’s going to jail for doing the right thing .a lot of you are probably wondering why I am so up set about all these children who are being killed .by their parents or loved ones is because my nephew was murdered in January 14 2007 Xavier Simmons .after his death I took it really hard even to this day he would be 9yrs old and it kills me everyday .after his death I’ve notice a lot of children been killed over the years .these poor lil angels need a voice and need their soul to be free . We need good American people in this world to protect .them because they can’t speak for them selfs .so I just ask everyone to open your hearts and pray for these babies .if you can light a white candle at night and let them know that they have a voice .and that we are here to give them a voice .and we as a community and good American will fight for their rights .


    It sounds like they only interviewed other LOSER moms who think it’s a big sacrifice to make smart and unselfish decisions for their kids. This woman is definitely not sane or fit enough to raise a child. That doesn’t need to be proven any further because it already has been proven!!!

  • nojustice_nopeace

    So it’s all good to drown your baby if you’re crazy??? AND still get to visit with her??? Guess this judge is crazy too! I am assuming she will get her back too..ALL the horrible stories we read about child abuse and the kids ending up dead and this is how such an incident is handled? I must assume then some in justice system just hate kids! And like crazy low life adults better!

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