Dog Shot in Pocono Home Invasion Recovering

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A dog in the Poconos is recovering after he was shot during a home invasion in Tobyhanna.

The pit bull mix named Jax suffered three gunshot wounds and has a long recovery ahead of him.

Jax has been recovering at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital since last Thursday. That's when police say the burglary and shooting happened at a home in Pocono Farms East in Tobyhanna.

While Jax recovers and his medical bills continue to go up, a GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay his bills.

"He was actively bleeding," said veterinary technician A.J. DeBiasse. "He had a large wound on his right side, multiple other wounds where other trauma or pieces of bullets hit, something of that nature."

According to police, the break-in happened on Warwick Circle late last Thursday. The suspects broke into the home through a back window and it's believed Jax may have attacked them.

That's when he was shot at three times near his chest and his leg.

People who live nearby are scared by what happened.

"Owner of a house with a dog and everything," said Anthony Barilla.  "We have a dog outside too and if we seen that happen. It's not a good thing to see or hear about."

After he was shot, Jax ran off into the woods and was later found by his owner and a lost animal advocacy group called Hound Hunters.

"Everything seemed external involving skin and musculature but no puncture of lungs or internal organs which is extremely lucky," said DeBiasse.

Because Jax has a long recovery ahead of him, a GoFundMe account has been set up to help offset his vet bills.

Veterinary technicians are giving him all the care he needs to get better.

"So far he is responding very well to everything that has been going on. He's eating well. He's super active and he is not showing any signs of any toxicity as far as the bullet pieces that may have been left behind so it's just the recovery of the wounds we are dealing with now."

No arrests have been made anyone with information is asked to contact Pocono Mountain Regional Police.

If you want to help Jax, donations can be dropped off directly at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital in Bartonsville or you can donate online.


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