Trump’s Impact on the Stock Market

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SELINSGROVE -- As Donald Trump soared to victory on Election Night, many people were nervous because some stock markets drastically dropped. But the next morning it was back to normal. In fact, today the Dow closed at a record high.

"I think the effect on the stock market will be minimal, at least in the medium term. It all depends though on what happens." Dr. Matt Rousu said.

Dr. Rousu is an economics professor at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove. He is not sure what will happen with the stock market.

"There could be things that could happen but it does not appear that investors are that nervous about President Trump, at least at the moment," Rousu said.

"People just kind of panic when there's a really big change, as there just was with the election. It was kind of an initial, we didn't see this coming, people got panicked, worried, frightened, but I think it's going to kind of blow over and pass," Matt Gerdy said.

Matt Gerdy of Danville has a state pension and his wife has a 401K. He says he is not nervous about the market.

Most people who spoke with Newswatch 16 said they just have a wait and see attitude until they find out what President-elect Trump's plan is going to be.

"It's not generally sound financial advice to panic and pull things out and get rid of investments just because there's a change in the climate," Gerdy said.

"What I'll be looking for in the upcoming months is to see what does Trump actually do with trade. Because he has eluded that he wants to put in more restrictions with trade," Rousu said.

President-elect Donald Trump does have a section on his website about the economy. In that section it says he plans to create millions of new jobs.