Talkback 16: The Election, Political Protests and Casinos

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Newswatch 16's Talkback 16 callers are all fired up about the presidential election and the protests that have followed.

We start this edition of Talkback with a caller who saw our special assignment about Pennsylvania's casinos and whether or not they are actually helping.


  • Julie

    Regarding the Commonwealth layoffs and closing of s fitness center. Commonwealth should stop the rescue and ambulance vehicles sitting in vacant lots and along side buildings just running and monitoring the scanners. All areas have ambulances and rescue people available and ready to and the call. Just in the North Pacino area I’ve seen 8 vehicles just sitting wasting gas waiting of a report to bet our fire company rescu and ambulance people. It’s not right and really unsafe when they are racing our people to the scene.get ride of them and they’ll save some money.

  • Pat

    would have liked to see a more indepth report about the Casino money…how much % went here and there….vs just saying so many $$ went here…that doesn’t really give us a complete picture. Show the details!!

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