Support for Veterans in Clinton County

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LOCK HAVEN -- At first glance, the Rec Center at Lock Haven University looks like a room filled with people walking from booth to booth, but stay a little while. You might notice why the veterans expo means so much more to Richard Confer. He's served with the navy during the Vietnam War.

"It helps. The local VA guy really helped me," said Richard Confer.

Years after serving, countless veterans such as Confer carry memories of wartime with them.

"50 years it's you're in a daze like because when we came home we got nothing," said Confer.

Dozens of agencies that offer physical and mental care for veterans teamed up for this one stop shop expo. It's just for veterans looking for support.

"I didn't want to believe anything wrong with me that I had any chinks in my armor or PTSD so I tried to numb everything,” said Sean MacMillen.

MacMillen is a therapist with Keystone Counseling. He is also a veteran who served three tours in Afghanistan and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"To me it means everything to help because I know I needed the help when I came back; I just didn't ask for it," said MacMillen.

"A lot more here this year. Veterans should get out and look into this stuff."

Veterans who came to the expo in lock haven were given the number to the veterans’ crisis line. Any veteran who needs support can call it.

The toll-free number is 800-273-8255.