Saluting Hometown Heroes in Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE-- If you have driven around downtown Pottsville and glance up, you may have noticed a Hometown Heroes banner.

They are part of a city campaign started last year. For $200 people in Pottsville could honor a local veteran. About 117 banners were bought and put up.

"We had a feeling that it would go over well, but it went beyond what we would imagine could've imagine," said Pottsville City Administrator Thomas Palamar.

The Hometown Heroes Campaign went so well, the city couldn't accommodate all the requests last year.
So this Veteran's Day it will begin round two of it's street salute to Pottsville Veterans.

"It means alot to the families who have folks that have served."

Anyone who wants to honor a Pottsville Veteran with a Hometown Hero banner, can fill out an application at city hall.