Rural Americans Make Voices Heard with Trump Victory

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Many in the national media were stunned by Donald Trump's victory on Tuesday. Many reporters and pundits admitting they underestimated the Trump movement.

That has some national media outlets reexamining their efforts to understand rural America.

National news organizations spent millions of dollars on polling data that all showed Hillary Clinton winning. None of those polls factored in the potential for rural America to turn out the way they did

National media outlets and polls predicted this presidential election would be determined by woman voters and minorities. They were wrong. The national media and Hillary Clinton didn't account for rural America -- people in places like Schuylkill County -- to pack the polls on Election Day the way they did.

"I think they should've been coming around and talking to them more than just the people in the cities," said Harold Mosely of Tamaqua.

Voters like Mosely believe had the media taken time to understand how much rural America was struggling, they would've seen the wave of voters for Donald Trump coming.

Many wards in Schuylkill County reported record high turnouts on Election Day. Some wards reporting upwards of 70 percent of their voters voted for Donald Trump.

"Nobody listened with these manufacturing jobs going overseas. I think now there was a voice that hit home with the president-elect; he understood that. That is why he campaigned in those areas that lost those manufacturing jobs," said Frank Dimarco of New Philadelphia.

Dimarco's parents lost their manufacturing jobs when a textile company went overseas. For him, Trump was the only candidate that heard his voice. Had media members stepped out of the city and ventured further into communities like his, they would have heard of the millions of families with similar stories.

"They should've listened to the voices of the people in the rural areas too."

On the night of the election, many national news outlets said over and over again that the way they predict the presidential elections will never be the same.


  • Baiting

    Finally the first step in getting our country back now send Snake Plissken, Eastwood and Bronson into NY and clean that mess ASAP!

  • Writer Girl

    Most news outlets today are staffed by idiots. News is supposed to be objective, but news idiots are anything but. Maybe you should get your stupid noses out of the cities you think are so grand and that are home to minorities, illegals and stupid whites. If news people couldn’t see the Trump victory coming, it just proves they’re as stupid as any Hillary voter. There’s a whole big country out there, so get your heads out of liberal’s holes.

  • first time ever voter

    I am a rural Pa. Trump voter. And a proud one at that. They call us ghost voters. We leave our forested habitat under the radar and place our Trump vote, then we return to the forest and watch the T.V. for results. It was a beautiful thing. This is the first year I have ever voted. I can’t wait to do it again. After voting for Trump I feel like the worthy American that I should feel. My hats off to the rural folks of Pennsylvania. We did it. We ALL did it. I will see you all next election my friends.

  • Dotandjoe

    yes the working peoples voice was heard on lets give him a chance like we did in the 80s with ronald reagan.

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