Maureen Madden Beats David Parker in 115th State House Race

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STROUDSBURG -- There was one race in our area that wasn't resolved on Election Night.

Officials didn't want to declare a winner in a state house race in the Poconos until all of the votes were counted.

Here is the vote total in the 115th State House District.

Democrat Maureen Madden defeated incumbent Republican David Parker by about 900 votes.


The district covers part of Monroe County including Stroudsburg.

Dozens of people counted absentee ballots Thursday at the Monroe County administration building. When all those votes were counted Democrat Maureen Madden had an even larger margin of victory over David Parker in the 115th State House race.

Bright and early, voter registration workers began opening up absentee ballots at the Monroe County administration center -- more than 3,000 ballots in all.

On Election Night, the race in the 115th state house district was too close to call. Democratic challenger Maureen Madden had a lead of about 200 votes.

By midafternoon, the results of the absentee ballots increased her lead over incumbent David Parker to more than 800 votes.

"I am really, really happy for her victory," said Cynthia Crowner, Monroe County Democratic Committee Member

Madden was out of town but a spokeswoman for the Democratic Party in Monroe County said this is a big win.

"I think she is so articulate and having lobbied several times this past year in Harrisburg, I am so happy to see another democrat go," said Crowner.

Madden is an instructor at East Stroudsburg University and promised to be a voice for the people she'll serve.

"She's pro-woman, she's pro-choice, she is for decent wages, she comes from a working class," Crowner added.

Incumbent Republican David Parker represented Stroudsburg and the surrounding area for the past two years.

"I want to commend and congratulate Maureen Madden," said Rep. Parker. "You know, she definitely ran a strong campaign, she was focused and knocked on a lot of doors. I hope she carries that work to Harrisburg and continues to represent us well."

While Parker is not sure if he will keep his hand in politics, he will still be a part of the community. His family runs a hardware store in the East Stroudsburg area.

"I am grateful that I was able to serve the residents of the 115th District for one term," he said. "It was a great learning experience and opportunity and I think we got some great things done."

See full results from the election here.

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