International Reporters Visit Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE -- Reporters from around the world -- Finland, Russia, France -- are visiting Wilkes-Barre. They want to find out from voters themselves why America chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

We ran into a TV news crew who traveled to the U.S. from Paris, France. They've been traveling around a few states along the east coast for the last week and a half, and they finished their journey in Wilkes-Barre.

"We wanted to understand perhaps why people would vote for Trump," said Magali Barthes.

Barthes and her photographer are from LCI, in Paris, France. The Parisian reporter and her photographer were talking to people on Public Square, trying to figure why Democrat-heavy Luzerne County flipped its vote for Donald Trump.

"In France, we don't really understand this big phenomenon with Donald Trump," said Barthes.

After the election, Newswatch 16 talked to voters who said they voted for Trump because his message resonated with them. But Trump's French message did not appear to have resonated with the people of France.

"They have the impression that Trump is very dangerous. He didn't say very nice things about France in his campaign."

One of the people the foreign reporters interviewed is Carrol Centrilla.

"France really doesn't understand Americans, but I can understand why," said Centrilla.

Centrilla likes the idea that Trump may be perceived as dangerous. She says Trump is a true leader who will put America first.

"I think he's going to stand up to these other people and other lands."

But Barthes points out that Trump has a lot of work to do if he's going to live up to his campaign.

'''Make America Great Again' is a big, big promise and we're trying to understand what people mean by it," Barthes added.

The French TV news crew plans to air the story they captured here in Wilkes-Barre in the next couple of days.


  • DogCaughtTheCarWhatNow

    All the educated leave the area and this is what you have left. Low-wage workers grabbing at straws and mad at the world because they have no drive to better themselves. So instead of voting for what’s best for them they went with a guy who probably will be impeached and they will get a Christian Coalitionist Pence as a President. Sadly they will also lose their Obama care that they either got free or pay very little for because of their low wages. Republicans already said the will repeal that 1st. Then they will get a Supreme Court Justice who will put forth his Ideas on how they should live instead of how they believe they should live and care for their body’s . Citizens United won’t be overturned and I doubt they even know what that is or means to them as they are uneducated about Facts and it’s consequences. Do I need to go on about the irony of what they did because they are mad at the world and frustrated enough to blame others for their lack of drive. It all boils down to stupidity and they shot themselves in the foot.

    • lelani

      Don the Con has already modified his plans on his website…removed a TON of items he was going to do; removed divisive language and scaled back the entire plan for the wall and today is vetting more Washington insiders to fill his government posts. And thus it begins…

      The one great thing about this is…the conservatives own it all. The next 4 years are on them and they can only blame themselves when things don’t move along the way they want them to.

  • Les

    Who really cares what these foreign media buffoons think of Trump being elected. Go back to your liberal havens in Europe, Scandinavia and elsewhere.

    • k

      The French people are wonderful. They are also very polite, and being so, had a difficult time understanding how Americans could vote for someone like Trump. He’s rude. They’re just trying to understand.

  • Writer Girl

    I don’t understand why France would send an international reporter to Wilkes-Barre, quite frankly, as it’s hardly representative of America. Trump is a change we need from career politicians, who only cater to themselves and special interests, instead of the American citizen. Nowhere is it written that you have to always vote for the political party you belong to. Hillary talked about women, abortion and playing a savior to the rest of the world. Trump talked about jobs, the economy, illegal immigration, trade deals and foreign policy. Those things matter to Americans more than a woman “breaking the glass ceiling,” by being the first woman in the White House. If France doesn’t understand the U.S., maybe they should try harder to understand our great people and country, but in the end, we don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of us. We’re tired of people-pleasing. America belongs to American citizens and we will live as we want to, just like the rest of the world does. Don’t like it? Too bad!

  • faaq

    LCI sent a crew to Wilkes-Barre? Boy those people must’ve pizzed off someone at corporate.
    Send them to Nanticoke, let them see the armpit of Luzerne County in person.

  • magicmikexxsm

    International Reporters Visit Luzerne County……..

    Should have come talk to me….I would have explained it to her, and also would have told her that France is lost to the Muslim hoards that have taken over sections of their country and cities, where the french people are afraid to go…….
    France , and Germany better wake up before it’s to late…

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