Thousands of Anti-Trump Protesters Fill the Streets in Cities Across America

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Anti-Donald Trump protests started in multiple American cities on Wednesday, the same day that students at several high schools and universities across the country walked out of classes.

The protests are taking place in at least seven major cities, according to CNN, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Seattle, among others.

Thousands of protesters targeted Trump buildings in New York and Chicago on Wednesday, chanting anti-Trump slogans as protests against President-elect Donald Trump popped up throughout the United States.

In Austin, Texas, protesters blocked a highway. Students burned a flag on the campus of American University in Washington, and they walked out of class in high schools and colleges across the country the day after the presidential election.

"Not my president, not today," was a chant heard at protests from Boston to Los Angeles.

In downtown Los Angeles, high school students crowded the steps of City Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Protester Brooklyn White was holding a sign that said "Hate won't win." The 18-year-old voted for Hillary Clinton and was disappointed.

"We can't let it stop us. If he's the president then fine, but if Donald Trump is gonna be it then he has to listen," she said.

At Berkeley High School in California, about 1,500 students walked out of classes Wednesday morning. In Des Moines, Iowa, it was hundreds of high school students who left class to protest of election results. In Phoenix, about 200 students from Carl Hayden High School marched to the state Capitol in protest.

Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election early Wednesday morning, defeating Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

CNN contributed to this report.


    • k

      I think you will learn your lesson very well after 4 years, that Trump does not “care” for the working class. He does not. He is already planing on inserting a Goldman Sachs executive, Steven Mnuchin, as Treasury Secretary. There will be war, as well. Just wait. Lots of money to be made. Winter is here.

      • Little k

        K So if Hilliary cares about the middle class. Why did she say she was going to raise our taxes?You need to take Trump out of your post and insert Hillary .Man are you paranoid

  • Grow up

    So you see how tolerant the left is if Hillary won people who voted for Trump would not be protesting .This is whats is wrong with this country grow up spoiled little brats or go to Canada with your celebrity friend’s .You now all the ones that are reneging that they said they would never leave .These people are all Hippocrates

  • Terry

    What in-depth coverage with lots of pictures, WNEP. Wow! How about a story on how we got here ?! Maybe a story on how the last 8 years nearly destroyed us or is that too much work for you “unbiased” “journalists” ? Do your job and stop agitating and defending criminals.

  • S

    All I see are a bunch of spoiled brat children that didn’t get what they want. And just like children they lash out.and destroy anything they can. Grow Up….. Trump’s policies are to remove ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…. the ones that take the tax money that YOU earned and payed in. As far as welfare and social security, trump plans on eliminating the abuse of the system…. I.E. the ones that drive new expensive cars and have large expensive homes that are on welfare milking the system. There is a lot of people out there that NEED welfare to survive because of health… Give Trump a chance to do the job. Quit cutting Your nose off to spite your face……

    • S

      To append My above comment.
      This is also in reflection of a child. People leaving the USA because Trump was elected is exactly the same as a child not getting what he/she wants and running away from home…. But remember You are all grown up now….. Mommy and Daddy are not going to go looking to bring You home….

  • Jay Walsh

    Trump goes on trial later this month for Trump University. It’s really a RICO, that’s a felony so Pense should become President. He can’t get out of it because it occurred before he was elected, I’m sure his lawyers will argue this issue. They have no standing because B.A.R. Has No Legislative Authority in a Court of law. B.A.R. stands for British Accredited Registry they work for the British Monarchy, NOT We the People. So, we might have a Constitutional crosses, oh well the system is broken.

    • DJB

      Chief Justice Walsh—-NEWSFLASH. it’s a civil trial, not a criminal trial. There are no felony charges. If you’re going to stand up and pretend to know jurisprudence, please understand the nature of the charges and the case at hand. I’m thinking you don’t know your RICO from a hole in the ground and the only thing broken is your logic. LOL@you.

  • sc

    i firmly believe it is time to split the union. Marxist, Socialists, Communist have their EU branded utopia.
    Constitutional capitalist Conservatives have their foundation excavated.
    ( Give this 4 years and see which society is most secure, economically strong, has least crime, most unity and greatest charity. Best doctors. Least Lawyers. ect…).

  • aleodawg94

    So what did their protest prove? Did they reverse the election results because of this? If only these people were that eager to go look for some work. I think there might be some openings coming up real soon for people who know how to build a wall.

  • JacksInCharge

    Same type of low lifers that burned and smashed windows in Oakland. Little early to judge his results as president don’t you think? Lets come back here in 2 years with something to talk about instead of rioting.

  • laura

    these people are visual proof why i hate today’s society – they worship so called celebrities and are plenty ok with lying. i’m sorry you sheeple didn’t get what the dnc told you was your way after they robbed not just bernie sanders but joe biden of their rightful spots in running .

    • JessicainWilliamsport

      Funny, you cite celebrity worship as a bad thing as you defend a reality tv star winning the presidency……. I can’t stop laughing! At least I know the next 4 years will contain oodles of humor!

  • Terrance

    front and center an anti-Trump story by WNEP. Get used to it. The slant and tearful disappointment by the mainstream media is on full display. The will of the people has been clear. Get used to that, WNEP.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Moron high school kids make me sick. Walking out of class for nothing more than getting out of class. I hope these idiots don’t stay out all night and end up not getting
    Up in time for work tomorrow. OH Wait…
    Brainless left-wing kool-aid drinkers.
    You wouldn’t see this nonsense if trump lost. “we,the actual people”, have more class than this.


    Hopes lead to Disappointment lead to Insecurity lead to Depression lead to Anger..
    They just worried about their self-satisfaction, they afraid that stock will be crashed because they put their pension money on that, while some homeless won’t even bother who leads the country they are still homeless anyway..
    Just faced the truth and continue the living..

  • Buford T. Justice

    Love and acceptance is what you want, unless you don’t agree with it…defining words of a hypocrite. These people are doing nothing more than explaining why we voted the way we did. They cant even give the guy 100 days to prove himself…I would of at least done that much had it gone the other way. You guys had 8 years of Obama, its time for something new….I don’t recall Republicans getting this worked up when Obama won?? Instead of uniting, all they are doing is deepening the rift between both sides. Work together for a better America….

  • Russ

    Party is over. It’s done. Trump is the president-elect. Go home people. Find a more productive and valuable use of your time other than wandering around the streets aimlessly and unproductively because you received a social media alert for a flash mob and have nothing better to do. Nobody cares about your after-the-fact whining and crying because you didn’t get your own way.

    • lookback

      Yes, listen to him, you no longer have the right to protest, this is no longer a free country, those Constitutional rights are so old school, they do not exist anymore. You may only see things his way, you must adhere to a singular ideology. trump is their new messiah, their new grand wizard, freedom, liberty and the exorcise of such will no longer be tolerated in trumpland. Tear down that flag and burn the bill of rights, they are no longer a part of the right wings vision for America.

  • Walter

    Labels aside (demo, rep, etc..) this is what our nation needs. It is not going to be a complete 180 from what we have, its going to make this country compete with other nations that are reaping benefits at our careless expense. No ones rights are being removed (LGBT, whites, blacks, browns, greens, turquoise, (you see where I’m going here)… except for people that have abortions. “Illegal” immigrants will see be a part of the downside of Trump being in charge. Have hope friends. We are America.

  • Rich

    People act like this is the first time a president was elected but lost the popular vote. Hello people don’t you remember Al Gore? He won the popular vote but Bush won the electoral college. So Bush became our president.

  • Chuck

    Trump will not build the wall. Trump will not bring jobs back form overseas. Trump will not make your insurance lower . Trump WILL eliminate Medicare with a voucher system….(see what you can buy with $6000 a year)… Trump WILL reduce Social Security payments by 13.5%. That equates to an average $187 LESS per month. For you people too ignorant to read or care all these FACTS are on hie website. Enjoy your President.

    • laura

      and you think hillary would be beneficial? her husband signed into law the defense of marriage act that banned gay marriage. the failed welfare to work program another baby of his. that seemed like a good idea but they poorly exected it leaving many without child care and then when the people couldn’t get to work because they didn’t have child care they lost all benefits and couldn’t feed their kids so the kids were taken off of them. and then there’s all of her scandals and the piss poor job she did in the obama administration……

  • Writer Girl

    Walk all the way to Mexico, UCLA fools. As for these cities with these stupid people protesting, go get a job. No one cares what you think. Donald Trump is our president. Get over it, morons.

      • Buford T. Justice

        LOL whether or not you’re college educated has nothing to do with anything…especially your shift at work. Did you just need to put that on there to make yourself feel better….can I try that? I didn’t finish college and I work during the day and make more than 99% of all my college educated friends do. Wow…maybe you’re right, I feel better announcing that… (as I roll my eyes so far back, I can see my uneducated brain)

      • laura

        i’m educated and a woman and i voted against hillary. you need to stop being a sheep and listening to what these so called experts say because that makes you the uneducated one. but then when you are willing to vote for a liar and a non-convicted criminal you’re more uneducated than they people who didn’t go to college……..

      • nat

        What does being “college educated” have to do with anything?!!! Look, if you’ve gone to college and studied a field of your choice…that doesn’t make you better than anyone else! Get off of your high horse and stop ranting about how awesome you think you are. Common sense isn’t taught Miss Laura.

  • Mitch

    I think this should serve as a strong message to right-wing fundamentalists that racist, bigoted, rhetoric is not acceptable despite Trump winning the election. These people are not “animals” that need to be “thrown over the wall”. These are Americans who are exercising their rights. As far as them being “losers”, let’s remember that Hillary won the popular vote. This election is far from a mandate. This election was a wake up call to a lot of people that they don’t live in the America they thought they did. Essentially, it unmasked America’s racist underbelly for the entire world to see.

    • R

      Even in the states that Hillary the criminal did win she only won because of the big cities. Look it up and educate yourself. Hillary is a typical politician who can’t make her own decisions she flip flops to wherever she can get the most votes.

    • Ann

      No, this ought to send a message to the ‘Alinsky-minded’ and the ‘George Soros-minded’ that REAL Americans aren’t going to tolerate the takeover of our nation by socialist scum. Like I mentioned to someone else in this comment section; look into ‘Project Veritas’ ▬ the genie is out of the bottle, and the majority of Americans (various world leaders included) are absolutely elated!!! These past 8 years have been nothing short of pure evil, and now it’s time for America’s wounds to be treated, and healed. The ‘wise’ people will involve themselves; the ‘foolish’ will perish.

    • Smarter than You

      I like how idiots like you attempt to take the moral high ground by pre-emptively calling everyone and everything racist. The word, like what you have left of a mind, is meaningless due to its overuse by people such as yourself.
      I don’t know how many videos I have seen where the person was asked to say just one racist thing that Trump did or said and they could not come up with anything. Just like you they walk down the street with their fingers in their ears yelling “RACIST RACIST RACIST”. The sad fact is that those who use the word the most can usually find the biggest racist of all in the mirror.
      So which website did you get the underbelly talking point about on? And how many times do you plan on repeating that nonsense?

      • Mitch

        Why is Trump a racist?? Seriously???? 1.) Trump was endorsed by the KKK (apparently they understand he’s a racist you genius). 2.) He’s called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. 3.) He disparaged a judge who ruled against him because of his Mexican heritage 4.) He has been sued twice by the Justice Department for not renting to African Americans. 5.) Trump Plaza and Casino in New Jersey was fined $200K for removing African-American dealers at the request of high rollers 6.) He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester 7.) His former Casino president has said that all black people had to be removed from the casino floor when Trump was present. I could go on for hours, but you are obviously in denial so I won’t waste any more of my time.

  • rich

    Check the election maps Hillary only won the cities. Every state that she did win was because she won Large cities but lost every other place in those states including Pennsylvania and New york

    • Ann

      How strange that the ‘voting system’ on this comment section doesn’t seem to register properly. Is it because the above ‘news articles and videos’ were contributed-by CNN? WNEP Channel 16 has recently ‘changed hands/ownership’ and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. The ‘mainstream media’ are going to learn exactly how fed-up and disgusted REAL Americans have become; all because of the way they twisted and manipulated ‘stories’ about President Trump.

      • Rich

        I’ll agree with that. Every morning show like good morning America pounced on trump every chance they got but Hillary couldn’t do anything wrong. They never mentioned her emails, the fact that she got caught lying every time she opened her mouth, her trying to derail Burney the lunatic from the election. To all the dead bodies that showed up when she felt threatened. Her full term abortion and not to mention our 2nd amendment right to bare arms. She should loose her 5th amendment rights and the media should loose their 1st.

  • Ann

    Where were the protestors when obama won – TWICE!? There weren’t any; Trump supporters don’t behave like these BARBARIANS. I am so looking forward to President Trump building the ‘wall’ at our southern border, and putting a stop to these immigrants that do NOT wish to assimilate into American culture.
    These sniveling little whiners should be airdropped smack-dab into the middle of saudi arabia or pakistan ▬ see HOW their ‘protesting’ is accepted; they’d literally LOSE THEIR HEADS!!!

    • Chuck

      So you are anti Constitution…..freedom of assembly …freedom of speech…..And I’ve seen Trump rallies and violence. Encouraged by Donald… know you ain’t seen nothing yet. The world is laughing.

      • Ann

        Not even close, Chuck. It’s common knowledge; the Clinton camp, along with MEGA-funding from George Soros and other anti-American socialist filth, were responsible for the mayhem at President Trump’s campaign rallies.
        Maybe you ought to look into ‘Project Veritas’ ▬ you’ll find your answers there.
        You say I haven’t ‘seen anything yet’; I’ve seen quite a lot in the course of my lifetime. I don’t recall seeing you anywhere near the 1969 riots in Newark, NJ or Watts. Look into it; perhaps you haven’t seen anything …. yet.

  • rich

    But I thought it was Trump and the republicans that were inciting violence? Maybe all these Hillary. Supporters should educate themselves a little more. Hillary Clinton opposed gay marriage until she found out it could get her more votes. Trump said he would leave gay marriage up to the states. Look it up. Since Hillary thinks nothing about our second amendment then she should loose her 513th amendment right and her Miranda rights. And maybe we should do away with the 1st amendment to. You guys are so b kind and ignorant it’s pathetic

  • FracingA

    Protests and or violence would not have happened had Killary won. Why? Most If not all Trump voters had work or are scheduled to work tomorrow, thus no time. Hey, someone has to pay the bills, taxes, subsidiaries, ect.

  • natalie

    Immature and classless! These aren’t American citizens but hate mongers who cannot accept defeat!
    Cry me a river, all of you! Go back to your dens and tame yourself you animals!
    Didn’t your parents (if you had any) teach you respect and morals. All you’re doing is wasting your time because Trump will be President and there’s nothing anyone can or will do about it. Get a life!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Round em up, throw em over the wall. They don’t want unity and equality and acceptance and diversity.

    They want control and for you to shut up if you disagree.

    Ship em out.

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