Small Precincts See Early Voting Rush

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- The voting experience in Taylor during the day was the reverse of many other polling places in Lackawanna County. The judge of election says it's been steady and voter turnout has been about average, but this is a place where people typically vote after work. In other places, officials say they saw early voters like never before.

At a polling place in Ransom Township, near Clarks Summit, there are only 500 registered voters. The faces are familiar and so is the flow of a typical Election Day.

But, this is not a typical Election Day.

"This morning, before the doors opened, there was a line, which very seldom happens in this small little town because we don't have a lot of people voting," said judge of election Beverly Brown.

The ladies running the polling place hoped for 300 voters to show up and they were already halfway to that goal by noon.

"It's good though, time goes fast that way," Brown added.

Edward Borek has been voting here since his 18th birthday and is accustomed to being one of the precinct's earliest voters.

We met many voters taken aback by the number on their ballots.

"That is phenomenal," said Raymond Herne. "To me, the turnout is really, really good. I'm glad to see it that high and I'm just hoping every vote counts."

With Pennsylvania proving to be crucial to either candidate, votes in Ransom could make a big difference, but most voters we talked to weren't motivated by that power. They voted out of frustration.

"I just think the American people have finally got to the plateau in the history of our country where they are evaluating, is it important to have a change or continue on the road we were on," asked Edward Borek.

"They all promise you the moon, but when it comes back, it's, 'he did this, and she did that.' It's not politics," said Herne.  "I don't know what you would call it."

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