Fundraising Dinner an Election Day Tradition in Schuylkill County

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CRESSONA -- After waiting in line at the polls, and making those tough decisions on the ballot, the last thing some people want to do is go home and cook dinner.

One firehouse in Schuylkill County has made it a tradition and a fundraiser to whip up Election Day meals.

The Cressona Fire Company in Schuylkill County hosts an Election Day lunch and dinner.

Tammy Kramer has helped continue the Election Day tradition here for decades, in part, because the home-cooked meals served are a fundraiser for the volunteer fire company.

It's also a way for voters to decompress.

"There's a lot of talk over the meals, even the ones who have come in this morning," said volunteer Tammy Kramer. "They're saying, 'it's over with, I've been waiting in line!'"

After waiting in long lines, making tough decisions on the ballots, people trickling in say all they need now is a good meal.

"It's a great place to come for dinner so you don't have to go home to cook. The food is always good and it supports our fire company," said Fern Bittle.

The Bittle family from Cressona voted just before grabbing lunch. This meal is a bit of a celebration that this election is almost over.

After making tough decisions on which direction the country should take those who come here on Election Day feel it's quite nice that their biggest decision now is which piece of pie to have next.

There were more than 100 polling places open in Schuylkill County this Election Day.

"We just put our vote in," said Joe Quirk of Pottsville "There was no backup at all here, at this time!"

By noon, most polling places in the county reported a quarter of registered voters had already voted.

So despite not seeing any lines at polling places including these in Pottsville, election officials say voter turnout in the county has been high.

"I'd say it's the busiest. This is my third presidential (election) and it's by far the busiest," said judge of election Roger Boyd.

Voters trickling into the polls say high turnout is a sign of how important this election is.

"This is a history-making time and right now I see Hillary as a history-making lady," said Christopher Robinson.

"The election was negative on both sides, but I believe that Trump came out with a more positive message," said Beth Pillus.

While some voters came to the polls in Schuylkill County with their minds made up, others made a last-minute decision.

"I was looking back in forth about what I was going to do. I was going back in forth, should I do it, should I not?" said Jacqueline Robinson.