Waiting For Trump at Lackawanna College in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- After months of waiting, it is now just a matter of hours before voters head to the polls to pick a new president.

The candidates are making the most of those final hours, trying to woo voters in several swing states, especially Pennsylvania.

A rally is scheduled for late Monday afternoon in Scranton.

The doors of the Lackawanna College Student Union building on Jefferson Avenue don't open until 2:30 p.m., but we found people waiting in line just before the sun came up.

The mask wasn't just a way to have fun in front of the camera; it was a way to help stay warm.

Temperatures bottomed out in the upper 20s in Scranton, but a group of people showed up early, anyway. They were different ages, from different hometowns, with one goal: see Donald Trump on the day before the election.

Jerry Setzer drove to Lackawanna College from Binghamton and was the first in line. This is his first Trump rally, but not his first political rally. He went to see Bernie Sanders before the New York primary.

"I heckled the rally and I got thrown out," said Setzer, adding he plans to behave at this rally.

Setzer says he is drawn to Donald Trump by his honesty. The same goes for Forest City High School senior Jared Paulin.

"A lot is going on with Hillary and the scandals and the lying and everything, and with Trump, some people may perceive it as a bad thing he doesn't have much of a filter. I like he's honest and to the point," Paulin said.

Paulin intends to spend the day hanging out with his friends and hopes his early arrival gives him a better chance of meeting Donald Trump.

Allison Lipko is another Forest City High School senior. She's willing to forgive Trump's comments about women because she sees a better chance of getting a job with Trump in the White House.

"It was disgusting, don't get me wrong," said Lipko. "He's not a politician. He doesn't have a squeaky clean record like politicians are supposed to have."

Lipko, who isn't old enough to vote, added that it is the jobs and economy issue, above all else, that has her supporting Donald Trump, and sitting on a cold sidewalk waiting to hear him speak.


  • Sandy

    The next scandal…
    “Hillary gives lip service in the Oval Office”
    Of all the people that can blackmail her … She will be quite busy..

  • magicmikexxsm

    Well I have come to the conclusion. A lot of idiots live in Pa…you all voted for Obama twice, how’d that work out for you? like your Obamataxcare premiums??? lol
    So now you will vote for one of the biggest liars , and crook on the planet named Hillary Clinton…..

    I’m sorry, but if you voted for Obama twice, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote tomorrow..

  • Hank Maglio

    maybe she don’t care for hillarys lies,,,since 1970,,,,a smart girl,,,who doesn’t care about trumps mouth,,,,that won’t hurt you,,,,but hillarys supporters believe her lies,,,like dumb girls from 18-25, ,,,,but won’t believe this,, becasue they believe her lies about trump will do this……………but hilary and the president,,,gave materials,,,money to iran , to build nuclear things,,,,,so hillary can do this,,,,Hillary Promised U.S. Will Use Nukes in Local/Regional Conflicts – Nuclear War

    Published on Mar 29, 2016
    Hillary promised to lob nuclear weapons for the benefit of other countries in the region of Iran, not just Israel, if they were attacked. We would use nukes on their behalf. She notes her ‘umbrella’ plan covers multiple countries in the region, the names of which she refused offer. She initially called the use of nuclear weapons ‘massive retaliation’, but later clarified that term was referring to the use of nuclear weapons by the United States of America.

    A Nuclear War.

    This is the person people are considering for the President of the United States? Someone who flippantly throws the idea of firing nuclear weapons around like toy catapults, as if there would be no consequence to the world? Does she not think there would be a massive onslaught of terrorist attacks on the United States which there is no way to prevent, ones which would no doubt be as horrible and unbelievable as obliterating an entire country full of people in the Middle East? Is she that stupid? (“obliterate” is her word, used to clarify her comments the next day.)

    More dangerous than Trump. More dangerous than Cruz. More dangerous than any recent Presidential candidate.

    We do not need a nuclear war. Perhaps this saber-rattling princess needs to find another line of work because she shows she has no ability to hold her tongue in matters of major importance — and this was even BEFORE she had even won a nomination (’08, which, thank god, she did not).

    People have called Hillary a War-Hawk. I think it is worse than that. She is actually an Armageddon-Hawk who has no idea of what horrors she is unleashing. All voters in America should take note!

  • i am sofa king we todd idd

    If Hillary becomes elected I’m going to roll around in a bathtub full of razorblades and shards of glass until I bleed out like a koshered cow. It will be a more enjoyable decision than that of living the next 4 years.

    • Melania

      Cool. The hundreds of absentee ballots I mailed in will not have been in vain. Eat a bottle of aspirin before rolling around in the tub. We can’t risk clotting.

  • Jane

    Word vomit , word vomit , word vomit .. That’s what you are hearing out of her mouth now .. She is telling you what you want to hear !!! Wake up .. She is feeding you nothing but lies .. She is still in hot water , yet she is still running for President of the United States .. What is wrong with this picture ??

  • An Actual Taxpayer

    Trump, Come on up to Susquehanna County, north east corner. Clean out the crimes being commited in our poling station. Its pretty bad, the cows running the place are criminals.

  • Sandy

    Amy , the sad thing is these liberals stick together .. Look at Hillary .. She sticks by her disgusting husband after he disrespected the WH with Monica .. She had to hang on to that disgusting pig why ????? At least Trump’s was just talk … I don’t agree with his talk .. But she is just as corrupt as the rest of them

  • Amy Brouse

    You liberals are going to find out their is more of us then their are you. Sorry but she killed four
    AMERICANS than she blamed a veido what wrong with you people !!!!!!!!!

    • Melissa

      Hillary never killed anyone – four people died in a gunfight – everyday top people have to make tough decisions, who knows what the alternative was (not for us to even guess because clearly it was not us making the decision and we certainly could not have all the facts, nor should we)

    • Really?

      Actually, there are quite literally more of us than you in Pennsylvania. The real silent majority is the rest of us who have been rolling our eyes since the primaries when Trump was comparing the size of his genitals with other Republican candidates. We don’t go to rallies or buy hats or put crap all over our lawn. We just vote.


    I’ve been stiing in my V8 turbo-max diese ford F550 in the parking lot all morning with the family. After our morning prayer we broke our fast with chicken tendies and coffee. Even though there’s a small handful of people waiting so far, the atmosphere is electric; like Jesus is near by. My son is almost as excited as I am. He’s wearing his “rare pepe the frog” t-shirt. Im not sure I under stand that but he assures me its to Make America Great Again. I know that there are so many people who feel the same way about Supreme President Trump as I do. We need the strong masculine qualities that President Trump possesses so that we can eliminate ISIS, put Russia in its place and restore America to a time when real Americans could live freely. If sicko lyin’ snake hillary steals the election, we will end up in nuclear war with Iran and our streets will be flooded with illegals and terrorists. But through the power of righteous Christian prayer, God will elect the correct President, Mr. President Trump.

    • Melania

      “I heckled the rally and got thrown out.” If he ever builds a resume, this will be fabulous to list under accomplishments. “Watch for me on FOX News!” sounds like another lifelong goal coming true for this guy. Welcome home, loser.

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