Three in Custody after Violent Home Invasion

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HAZLETON -- Police in Hazleton caught three alleged robbers in the middle of a violent home invasion. They say a father was being pistol-whipped and beaten in front of his 3-year-old son.

Just before 11p.m. Sunday, police surrounded an apartment building along West 1st Street in Hazleton. Three robbers allegedly kicked down a door to one of the apartments while screaming, "where's the money," and repeatedly pistol-whipping a father in front of his 3-year-old son.

The violent home invasion worries neighbors including Julio Perez who's a father of six children. His kids actually play with the 3-year-old child who had to watch robbers put a gun to his father's head.

"That is terrible, now we have to worry about that in the night," said Perez. "That is the first time I seen something like that, and it makes me worry about it."

Hazleton police say the community no longer has to be worried; all three suspects have been caught.

Officers actually responded to the apartment building while the robbers were still inside.

Deshaun Murray was caught running out of the apartment, with a 13-year-old accomplice who has been taken to juvenile jail.

A third robber tried to escape by jumping out of a third-floor window. He was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale warns it's always a bad time to commit a crime in his city, but the three who broke into an apartment probably picked the worst time.

"This was the change of a shift, instead of just saying, 'I am tired. I am going home,' this was, everybody teams up, everybody responds."

The Hazleton Police Department was able to respond with double the usual force catching three suspects in the act.

All are now facing charges for robbery and assault.


  • Step Up!!!

    Hazleton is just one more city blaming everyone else for their problems and sitting around waiting for someone to come solve it for them! Do the local officials elected have the capability or a clue of where to start?


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      Amen brother. My grandmother met a mexican once, and she died of cancer three weeks later. If Trump gets into office we can finally work on making our families safe.

      • Go Wish On A Star

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      • Vince Foster

        You are absolutely correct. We need to take our country back. If we don’t stand with Donald things are only going to get much, much worse. They will take our money, take our gun rights, charge us triple for our health care, and blame us, the people, for these problems.

    • Poofie Novagrantz

      And, you know this how, sir? You apparently are an expert on the Hispanic culture and mores. You sound like an educated guy. Enlighten me, as I’d like to know how you know this also.

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