Luzerne County Elections Office Prepares For Big Turnout

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WILKES-BARRE -- The Luzerne County Bureau of Elections in Wilkes-Barre is preparing for a big turnout on Election Day. More than 10,000 people registered to vote since the April primary, including many college students at Wilkes University. They’re excited to vote in their first presidential general election.

“We have to do it, it's really important, you have to make your voice heard, make your own opinion,” said one student.

“It's a civic duty of ours to vote, so, I'm excited to do so,” said another.

But not everyone in Luzerne County received their voter ID cards. The Luzerne County Bureau of Elections mailed out about a dozen of them Friday.  But officials say most voters don't need to bring in a voter ID card.

The exceptions are first-time voters or those voting for the first time in a precinct. They do need to bring an ID, like a driver’s license or non-photo ID, a firearm permit, even a utility bill or paycheck.

“Check with the judge of elections at the poll,” said Jerry Hudak, who sits on the Luzerne County Board of Elections.

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