Special Delivery: A Single Zip Code in Bradford County

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- People in one community are tired of mail getting delivered to the wrong addresses. They say it's been a big problem but the fix they want involves the help of Congress.

Hundreds of homes in Wysox Township have many different zip codes. That all can change if a proposal they submitted to Washington D.C. gets approved.

Some folks who live in the Wysox area have to use Towanda on the mailing address to get packages.

"I remember the first time I came down to look at the property. I came across the bridge, I thought I was lost because I was told the store that was in Towanda was in Wysox," said Jim Rightmyer.

Not only does Jim Rightmyer's home in Wysox have a Towanda mailing address, so does the car dealership where he works.

"We have had issues where people say, 'hey, I can't find you in Towanda, where is this?' and we actually have to explain we are actually in Wysox."

There are about 700 homes in the Wysox area and 400 of those have a Towanda mailing address.

Wysox Township officials recently wrote to Congress and the Postmaster General to give all homes and businesses in Wysox Township the same zip code.

"What we are changing to make your real address match where you physically are and the postal service will just deliver mail with whatever zip code is associated with," explained township supervisor Evan Barnes.

Township officials hope that by combining the zip codes, it will help frustrated residents and help package drivers make the correct delivery.

"Congress says he has to do everything possible to meet our request and if he can't he has to prove why," said Barnes.

The proposal was submitted earlier this week. Wysox Township officials say they don't expect an answer until January.

If approved, the zip code change wouldn't start until July.