Clearing the Creeks after the Floods

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP -- It's been two weeks since fast-moving flood waters damaged many homes in central Pennsylvania and there is still a lot to clean up.

There's a big pile of stuff in Thomas Streit's lawn near Williamsport. He had to clean out his shed so he could hose out the mud

"I have a house down below and I had to get that one going first and I just came up here yesterday," Streit said.

Streit lives in Old Lycoming Township near the Lycoming Creek. His home wasn't the only one in this neighborhood that was affected by flash flooding two weeks ago.

"Oh, yeah, they are just cleaning up. It's going little by little."

After a while, little by little can really add up. Just ask Jim Carn. Carn and his dog Malaika take walks along Lycoming Creek all the time

"This stuff come down the creek; that's a rug," he said.

But Carn doesn't just let it drift down the creek. He cleans it up.

"This is about the sixth time I have cleaned up a mess like this. Some were bigger some were smaller," said Carn.

Usually, Carn piles up the trash and Old Lycoming Township workers pick it up, but something in this mess caught Carn's attention -- a mailbox.

"It floated that far down without mishap, it was, like I said, pristine condition."

It wasn't worth a lot but Carn knew someone might want it back and he was right.

Carn followed the creek about a mile and a half upstream until he found the home it belongs to.

"It's all muddy. It's not bad for going through a flood, I guess," said Laura Helminiak.

As for Carn, he'd like to see others clearing Lycoming Creek.

Who knows? You may find something unique of your own like Carn did while cleaning up.